Weekly Business Quiz # 462


Q 1. With which Indian business group did JCB have a joint venture in India , after which they acquired their stake in early 2000s ?

Ans. Escorts

Q 2. Genesis is the premium brand from which auto major ? It will be launched in India soon

Ans. Hyundai

Q 3. The reluctant billionaire by Soma Das is the biography of which Indian industrialist ?

Ans. Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharmaceuticals

Q 4. What message is being promoted by Lux by creating a soap with lump ?

Ans. Breast cancer awareness

Q 5. In which Big 4 audit firm did our newly appointed Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  serve briefly at their London office ?

Ans. Price Waterhouse Coopers

Q 6. What is the name given to the Ministry formed by the Merger of Ministries of Water Resources, River Development, Ganga Rejuvenation, Drinking Water & Sanitation ?

Ans. Jal Shakti Ministry

Q7. Identify this Business Maharaja who was also known as the Evergreens Tea man of India. He passed away recently. RIP



Ans. Brij Mohan Khaitan of Williamson Magor Group ( McLeod Russel , Eveready Industries and others )

Q8. Recently an IRCTC use complained on Twitter that he was embarrassed that the site was throwing up obscene ads as he was going through the booking. What kind of digital advertising caused this problem ?

Ans. Programmatic advertisig of Gooogle Adx which inserts ads based on cookies in the user computer

Q9. Identify the advertiser/brand


Ans. Walkaroo footwear

Q 10. Which packaged tea brand has been extended for pickles and chutneys with the name “Spice Secrets” ?

Ans. Society tea

Q 11. This brand is positioning itself as the easiest food to cook in a hostel for a teenager. Fill in the blank “Aao ____ Banayein “

Ans. Maggi

Q 12. Which product category had these originally British brands in India – Raleigh, Robinhood, Humber, Hercules, Philips ?

Ans. Bicycles

Q 13. Which old and established audit firm has been barred by RBI from.taking up statutory audit of any commercial banks for one year ?

Ans. S R Batliboi and Co , an affiliate of E & Y

Q 14. Which Indian industrialist has recently revealed that he along with Vijay Mallya and Salgaocars had planned a soccer league in India, much before IPL but Vijay Mallya betrayed them ?

Ans. Anand Mahindra


Q 15. M A Yusuf Ali has been given the first expat permanent resident status by Dubai govt. With which business group is this Keralite associated with ?

Ans. Lulu Group , a retail chain

Q 16. What does the finger point to in this Coke hoarding ?


Ans. Trash can

Q 17. The make up giant Sephora owned by LVMH will close all its stores.distribution centres and corporate office tomorrow after an incident. Earlier Starbucks had also closed their cafes for half a day, for the same reason. What will Sephora do when the shops are closed ?

Ans. Diversity training to employees after some customer complained of racial discrimination

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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