Weekly Business Quiz # 461


Q1. Who is slated to acquire Reliance Broadcast , the Anil Ambani co that owns Big FM ?

Ans. Music Broadcast Ltd belonging to Jagran Prakashan

Q2. What is the name of the web-series on an advertising agency directed by N Padmakumar , former National Creative Director of Rediffusion on MX Player ?

Ans. Thinkistan

Q 3. Sunny Deol may be celebrating after his Gurdaspur election victory. But one of the brands that he endorsed that companies MD and top management have been arrested in a fake GST invoice fraud. Name the company and the brand

Ans. Manpasand Beverages, Mangosip

Q 4. RBI in order to regulate the NBFCs better has introduced a new ratio called LCR . Expand and explain LCR

Ans. Liquidity Coverage Ratio LCR demands certain percentage of assets of the Bank/ NBFC have to be invested in high quality liquid instruments which can help depositors in case of liquidity mismatch. LCR was part of Basel -III guidelines.

Q5. Which country’s ambassador to India has literally decided to use Ambassador as his official car ?


Ans. Germany

Q6. Who is behind the Artificial Intelligence startup Vian Systems that raised 50 Million $ ,?

Ans. Vishal Sikka, former CEO of Infosys


Q7. Niki Lauda the legendary F1 car driver has passed away. In his later part of his life he became an entrepreneur . What did he start ?

Ans. Airline business , Laudamotion

Q8. What is unique or different about the Formula E car racing championship ?

Ans. All participating cars are electric cars

Q9. Which tech billionaire is the second biggest individual shareholder in Tesla , after Elon Musk ? He had invested at a high price last year and is currently staring at a big loss ?

Ans. Larry Ellison of Oracle

Q 10. With US blocking Chinese telecom companies like ZTE and Huawei, analysts are predicting a ‘splinternet’ . What is ‘splinternet’ ?

Ans. Its a split internet stage where the world wide web is split between 2 major nations or regions of the world owing their rivalry over data and electronics norms..

Q 11. Name this technology firm whose name literally means ‘Chinese Achievement”. It is an unlisted firm and is now banned in US and increasingly US Commerce ministry is asking all the partner countries’ firms to stop dealing with it.

Ans. Huawei

Q 12. Which company was started in Germany in 1945 as Laboratorium Wennebostel ?


Ans. Sennheiser

Q 13.  Among all the celebrities who has the maximum number of followers on Facebook ?

Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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