Weekly Business Quiz # 460


Q 1. With which brand of liquor would you associate Neelakanta Rao Jagdale ? He passed away recently ?

Ans. Amrut

Q 2. Though RBI has the power to appoint a director on private bank boards, it rarely does. Recently in which private bank’s board has RBI appointed R Gandhi as a Director ?

Ans. Yes Bank

Q 3. With which countries Sovereign wealth fund has Indian Hotels Co Ltd, the company that own Taj Group of hotels, launched a fund of Rs 4000 cr that will acquire luxury, upper upscale  and upscale properties in India ?

Ans. Singapore’s GIC

Q 4. Ralph Lauren , the American fashion brand has launched its retail stores in India. The flagship store has come up in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Who is the franchisee partner of Ralph Lauren in India ?

Ans. Aditya Birla Fashion

Q5. Saregama has come up with a newer version of Carvaan for people who are always on the move called Carvaan Go. This device comes packed in a tin. What inspired them to pack it in a tin ?

Ans. IndiGo’s Cashew Tins are very popular, inspired by that.

Q6. Which Bollywood hero is a promoter for the NY Cinemas, a multiplex chain operating mostly in North India ?

Ans. Ajay Devgan

Q7. For which brand are the cricketers Kohli and Pant seen rapping in a TV Commercial ?


Ans. Himalaya Pimple Face Wash

Q8. Apple has been struggling to find a decent share in the Indian mobile phone market, because of its ‘pricey’ perception. With a recent govt order dt May 7th , India will allow second hand phones. What does Apple call such iphones ?

Ans. Certified Pre-Owned iphones

Q9. Tatas were a large player in FMCG products like soaps, detergents , shampoos, hair oils till early 1990s .Hamam is the only brand remaining from that era. Under what company name was this operating, before selling it to Hindustan Lever ( now HUL) ?

Ans. Tata Oil Mills Co. Limited ( TOMCO)

Q 10. Tata Global Beverages Ltd has been renamed as Tata Consumer Products Ltd. This tea company has undergone a few name changes in its history. It started life as a JV between Tatas and a British Co. Name the British co and hence the name of JV before it became Tata Tea in 1983.

Ans. Tata Finlay Ltd , JV with James Finlay

Q 11. Identify this gentleman and why is he in the news ?


Vinay Dube

Ans. Vinay dubey, CEO of Jet Airways, he resigned

Q 12. On the basis of Kotak panel committee report on corporate governance SEBI had recommended that 500 top listed companies should separate the role of Chairman and MD/CEO. Which large co which had separate Chairman and MD , has once again combined the 2 positions ?

Ans. ITC Limited , where Sanjiv Puri has taken over as the CMD on the death of Chairman YC Deveshwar


Q 13. Whose insignia was designed in 1959 and is filled with the following symbolisms ?- The sphere represents a planet

– The stars represent space

– The v-shaped vector represents aeronautics


-The circular orbit represents space travel

Q 14. Who has taken over Hulu the video streaming service from Comcast ?

Ans. Walt Disney

Q 15. “Bottle of lies”  a book by Katherine Eban is an investigative report about the malpractices in which industry ?

Ans. Generic pharma industry

Q 16. 17th May is celebrated as World Communication Day. 2019 was the 50th year of this celebration. Why is this celebrated on 17th May ?

Ans. On 17th May 1865, ITU was founded and the first International Telegraph Convention was signed

Q 17. Amazon already has a fleet of cargo planes . Now it is building a Prime Air Airport. Seen here is Jeff Bezos in the ground breaking ceremony. Where is this coming up ?


Ans. Cincinatti ( Kentucky)

Q 18. In private equity and venture finance lingo what is ‘dry powder’ ?

Ans. Amount of Cash reserves or liquid assets available for use.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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