Weekly Business Quiz # 459


Q 1. This is Hemanth Kappanna in his Bangalore residence . This automobile engineer got laid off recently from General Motors. What big scandal did he and two other engineers expose a few years ago that rocked the auto industry ? 


Ans. Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal

Q 2. Who has taken over as the Country Director for India of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from Nachiket Mor ?

Ans. Hari Menon

Q3. To mark which occasion does India observe National Technology Day every year on May 11 ?

Ans. Shakti Anniversary – Pokhran Nuclear Test on 11th May, 1998.

Q4. Name this startup in the fitness area founded by former executives of Flipkart Mukesh Bansal.and Ankit Nagori .

Ans. Cure.Fit

Q5. Name this legal education doyen . He conceptualised the 5 year integrated Law course and was the first Director of National Law School, Bangalore and later VC of West Bengal University of Juridical Sciences. He passed away recently. RIP.

Ans. N.R.Madhava Menon

Q6. Which drink traditionally associated with breaking the fast every day after Roza during the holy month of Ramzan is not available due to family disputes in the manufacturer Hamdard ?

Ans. Rooh-afza


Q7. Who are known as the music’s first billionaire couple ?

Ans. Beyonce and Jay-Z

Q8. SEC has approved a new stock exchange called Long term stock exchange backed by tech investors like Marc Andreesen. Where will this exchange come up ?

Ans. Silicon Valley, California

Q9. During the Victorian Era, British engineer William Cubitt invented the prison X. Installed for hard labor, these X were designed to usefully employ convicts and use their power to be productive. The prisoner would work to produce power to grind corn and pump water. What is X ?

Ans. Treadmill

Q 10. X was first bundled with Windows 3.0. Much like the other notable bundled game, Minesweeper,  X was a secret tutorial for mouse. X honed clicking, double clicking, and drag-and-drop skills. It was bundled up to Windows 7. X has been inducted into Hall of Fame for video games.Name X

Ans. Solitaire

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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