Weekly Business Quiz # 458


Q 1. Name this General Insurance Co set up by professionals with VC funding that was became operational in 2017 and uses only online model for selling. It does Ola, Red Bus travel insurance , Mobile insurance for Amazon etc

Ans. Acko

Q 2. What is the key proposition of Elbi an app founded by Russian Model Natalia Vodianova that has Isha Ambani on their advisory board ?

Ans. Reward points for doing charity to preferred causes and exchanging the points for various luxury goods and services

Q 3. Under which brand name has Godrej launched a Neem Agarbatti that drives mosquitoes away ?

Ans. Good Knight

Q4. Identify the brand being endorsed by Akshay Kumar


Ans. Kajaria tiles

Q5. Which celebrity couple endorses the brands Google Duo, Myntra , Manyavar-Mohey ?

Ans. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Q6. Remembering Manna Dey on his birth centenary with this cult classic Bangla song . ” Coffee Houser sei addata aaj aar nei ‘…Before the CCDs and Starbucks was the Coffee House. Who runs the chain of Coffee House ?

Ans. All india coffee workers cooperative society federation an association of 13 cooperative societies.Coffee Board runs 15 Indian Coffee House outlets directly. Coffee Board has also recently given franchise contracts to Afoozo and CCD.

Q7. This advt is being talked about widely. Name the advertiser


Ans. Gillette

Q8. On a day when Yeti is trending, name the car brand which had an SUV model named Yeti ?

Ans. Skoda

Q9. Identify this logo


Ans. The newly laynched WynkTube by Airtel

Q 10. From May 1 2019, SBI is implementing its market linked rates for savings bank accounts with balance over Rs 1 lakh. Based on the current repo rates , what interest will those accounts earn ?

Ans. Repo Rate minus 2.75 %…6 % – 2.75 % = 3.25 %

Q 11. Rohit Sharma has become a poor man’s Virat Kohli, of sorts. The brands which missed out on Kohli or could not afford him took Rohit. If Virat endorses MRF, American Tourister, Tissot what are  brands endorsed by Rohit Sharma in the same product categories ?

Ans. Ceat, Aristocrat, Hublot

Q 12. Why has Ness Wadia, scion of the Wadia Group been given a suspended sentence of 2 years in Japan ?

Ans. For carrying 25g of cannabis extract , a drug

Q 13. Against which builder has MS Dhoni moved to Supreme Court for not delivering his penthouse worth Rs 1.20 crore and dues for endorsements about Rs 40 crore ?

Ans. Amrapali

Q 14. Which chain of hotels is owned by the JV formed by InterGlobe ( promoters of Indigo) and Accor Hotels ?

Ans. Ibis

Q 15. Air India has incurred additional Rs 300 crore losses since February 2019 for which it has approached Civil Aviation ministry for compensation . What strategic reason is being cited as the cause of this loss ?

Ans. Pakistan air space is blocked for Indian planes , so the westward flights from and to India have to take a detour making Air India incur addl costs on fuel and crew charges

Q 16. In which scam have NSE and the former MDs of NSE Ravi Narain and Chitra Ramakrishna been imposed heavy penalties by SEBI ?

Ans. Co-location scam


Q 17. What connects the fast food chains Burger King, Tim Horton’s, Popeyes ?

Ans. All are part of Restaurant Brands International

Q 18. Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook will increasingly become a more private network. Metaphorically, he said it will change from a ‘digital town square ‘ to a ‘ digital ___ ____’ . Fill in the blanks

Ans. Living Room

Q 19. In which product category you will find a small bottle of ‘One Fuckin’ Drop at a time’ ?

Ans. Hot sauce

Q 20. The prize money in tennis grand slam tournaments Australian (A), French (F), US (US) , Wimbledon (W) are being increased every year . They range from 44 Mn $ to 53 Mn $. Rank the tournaments from highest to lowest

Ans. US Open, Wimbledon, French , Australian

Q 21. The earth moves 15 degree longitude in an hour. India with 29 deg breadth ought to be atleast 2 time zones. Till 1955 India did have 2 times Bombay time and Calcutta time, now we have only one IST. USA has 6 Time zones. How many time zones does Russia have ?

Ans. Eleven ( 11)

Q 22. Analysing the Avengers success, The Economist says ” Every Marvel release is an advertisement for the ones which came before and the ones which are coming afterward.”They are all set in the fictional world of MCU. Expand MCU.

Ans. Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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