Weekly Business Quiz # 455


Q 1. Indian Railways spent Rs 111 for every Rs 100 earned last year. What is this ratio called in Indian railways ?

Ans. Operating ratio

Q 2. In Economics , for normal goods when price increases demand falls. There are few goods where opposite happens. When price increases the demand increases like in wines, perfumes , high end cars. What are these goods called ?

Ans. Veblen Goods or Snob goods

Q 3. The current leader in the IPL table Chennai Super Kings has a sponsor called ‘British Empire’. What do they market ?


Ans. Beer and a surrogate product Brown Sugar

Q 4. Connect the following names/brands to a product category – Amante, Clovia, Lovable, Pretty Secrets and Zivame

Ans. Lingerie

Q5. Col Raj Kapoor who had launched SRK in Fauji and appeared in a few films like Angoor passed away. RIP Col Kapoor. He was a regular face in TV commercials of “80s. In one popular ad he said ‘ Ketchup hota Kaddu bhara’ Name the brand.


Ans. Volfarm Tomato ketchup by Voltas

Q6. Name this Mini Ratna PSU that is a JV between Govt of India and ONGC with 51 and 49 % stake resply. HQ in Noida , It mainly provides helicopter services to ONGC to move people to offshore platforms. It recently it got its first lady CMD.

Ans. Pawan Hans Limited

Q7. Why are some of the Fixed Maturity Plans from HDFC MF, Kotak MF due for maturity in April 2019 being either extended or making only part payments ?

Ans. Delay in repayment by Essel Group ( Zee )

Q8. Name this French sports good retailer that has become No 1 in India. Quechua and B Twin are two of its many private labels .

Ans. Decathlon

Q 9. In the financial year 2018-19 at what rate did the passenger vehicles market grow in comparison to the previous year ?

Ans. Marginal growth of 2.8 %

Q 10. Jaya Bachchan turned 71 on 9th April . Amitabh Bachchan features in numerous advertisements, but Jaya’s appearances in advertisements are rare. For which jewellery brand did Jaya appear with Amitabh

Ans. Kalyan Jewellers

Q 11. For whom has Tata Motors launched a large scale programme called Samarth which includes health, education, insurance and financial planning ?

Ans. Commercial vehicle drivers

Q 12. When Harsh Mariwala joined his family business Bombay Oil he found they were only interested in selling 15 kg tins of Parachute. He had heard that Shalimar was retailing coconut oil in small tins in Calcutta. Before launching Parachute in small packs, he did a lot of research. Parachute would stand for purity, clarity, aroma. He also wanted that Parachute should stand out in the shelves with a different and colourful packaging. They decided to go with plastic packs. But the retailers refused. Why did they refuse initially and later accepted ?

Ans. Retailers were refusing the plastic packs as rats were nibbling them causing leakages and losses. Trials were conducted on plastic packs after changing the design from Square to Round container. New round plastic container design proved to be ratproof and accepted by retailers.

Q 13. Match some iconic bookstores in India to the city they are identified with. Some of them cease to exist today.

1. Strand 2 Gangarams 3. Bahrisons 4. Higginbothams

A. Delhi B. Mumbai C. Chennai. D Bengaluru

Ans.  1B, 2D, 3A, 4C

Q 14. Some trivia about one of the richest men but definitely the most generous in India. At 21, he left Stanford course midway because of his father’s untimely death. He completed the course 30 years later. He loves eating street food like crabs in Singapore or vada pav in Mumbai. He is physically very fit and prefers taking stairs to lift. He loves trekking. He enjoys watching movies and often takes recommendations from his managers. Man of strong convictions. He reinvested all his co. dividends in his own stock until it was barred by SEBi.Even in philanthropy he has focused only in education that too primary education with the logic ” You must wear the undergarment before wearing the shirt”. His role model is JRD Tata. A family man, he lives with his wife, two sons and a daughter in law in B’luru. Identify him.

Ans. Azim Premj of Wipro

Q 15. Name this luxury hotel chain started by former Oberoi Hotels President Kapil Chopra. It has started operating in Goa with 3 properties. It is the most expensive hotel (28K tariff) in Goa . In next 5 years, it will have 50 properties in varied places but not Mumbai or Delhi.

Ans. Postcard Hotels and Resorts
Q 16. Professors from which IIM currently head 5 of the 20 IIMs in the country ?

Ans. IIM Lucknow professors head 5 IIMs namely IIM Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Bodhgaya and ranchi

Q 17. What advertising platform launched by DTH providers without seeking permissions required for TV channels from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is in the midst of a controversy ?

Ans. Namo TV

Q 18. Ginger is the Budget hotel chain from the Taj Group. Hindi for Ginger is Adrak. Oyo has launched Adrak. What is Adrak ?

Ans. Common kitchen to serve multiple Oyo hotels

Q 19. What idea has been proposed by 11 year old Mahika Mishra to Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra as a method of restricting honking on Indian roads ?

Ans. Cars can honk only 5 times in 10 minutes and each honk lasting only 3 seconds

Q 20. What is the NPA levels reported by the new IL&FS board for IL&FS Financial Services at the end of Dec 2018 which was 5.3 % in March ’18?

Ans. 90 %

Q 21. How does Hyderabad based Maithri Aquatech propose to solve the drinking water problem with Meghdoot ?

Ans. Drinking water from atmospheric water vapour


Q 22. Using 2750 Oreos opening sequence of which TV series was created to promote Oreo cookies ?


Ans. Game of Thrones

Q 23. On 4th April 1994, 25 years ago, Marc Andreesen and Jim Clark started Mosaic Communications in Silicon valley, USA. Why is this significant in the history of the Internet ?

Ans. Netscape Browser, the first browser was developed by them

Q 24. The word _____ was first coined at Massachussets Institute of Technology ( MIT) on April 6 in 1955. It was described as “mischief pulled off under a cloak of secrecy or misdirection”. This word is used commonly used in computer programming Fill in the blank

Ans. Hack

Q 25. Amazon has announced a new project called Project Kuiper. What is this project and why did Elon Musk tweet ” Copy 🐈” ?

Ans. Project Kuiper is Amazon’s Broadband Access offer through planned low-orbit Mutl-Satellites. Amazon has recently employed some Ex SpaceX’s Starlink employees for Project Kuiper, a competing Broadband Project, leading to a ‘Copy-Cat’ Tweet tagged to Jeff Bezos by Elon Musk .

Q 26. Jeff Bezos and his former wife Mackenzie have revealed their divorce settlement. 75% of the couple’s shares in Amazon would go to Jeff and 25 % to Mackenzie. This is equal to 4 % of Amazon and is worth 35 Bn $. Who has the voting rights on this 4 % ?

Ans. Jeff Bezos

Q 27. Identify the man in this picture. He is seen here with his wife Lydia Lopokova, a former Russian ballet dancer.


Ans. John Maynard Keynes , the Economist

Q 28. Name this venture fund that Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has floated in partnership with BCG focussed on South East Asia. In India they have invested in Black buck, Myswipe etc.

Ans. B Capital

Q 29. Aliko Dangote , Africa’s richest man whose net worth is over 10 Billion $ , once withdrew 10 Mn $ cash from the bank. . Why did he do it ?

Ans. To just look at it and feel rich

Q 30. Identify this tech leader entrepreneur from some trivia about him. Born in USA. Programming was his first love. He dropped out of NYU. He wrote code that are still used in taxi cab routing. With 2 other partners he founded a messaging platform. This messaging became popular.His relationship with the company was and is rather inconsistent. He was CEO, left it, came back and now is Exec Chairman. Besides being the head of this , he founded another startup in mobile payments where he continues to be CEO. To lead 2 cos, he has a punishing routine. He takes ice cold water bath in morning. Walks 5 miles daily to work. He has a standing work station at work. He meditates 2 hours daily. He even did 10 day Vipassana in India. He eats only one meal daily. He paid himself only $ 1.40 in 2018 as salary. Name him.

Ans. Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square

Q 31. Identify this fashion label. The name sounds Italian but is Spanish. The name is not of any designer and is just a trademark. It was started in 1985 and in 1991 acquired by Inditex. It started with men’s , but now retails garments for women and kids also. It is global.

Ans. Massimo Dutti

Q 32. Where is this theatre located and why Netflix wants to buy this theatre ?

Ans. Hollywood, LA, USA. Netflix wants to buy this theatre to have shows of Netflix films so that they can become eligible for Oscars.

Q 33. What food item was developed by a Swiss Doctor and nutritionist Dr Bircher Benner as an ‘Apple diet dish’ for his patients. It was first made commercially by Somalon a Swiss baby food company in 1950s. The word is a variant of ‘porridge’ in Swiss-German language ?

Ans. Muesli

Q 34. ______ accounts for about 15% of South Korea’s economy. South Koreans often live in ___ -owned apartment buildings, get treatment from ____-medical centers, go to _____-owned universities, and sometimes end up at _____funeral parlors upon death. Fill in the blank with a brand

Ans. Samsung

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