Weekly Business Quiz # 451


Q 1. By what name has Google launched a speech recognition app that helps primary school children in India to learn reading in English and Hindi ?

Ans. Bolo

Q 2. Which brand’s recent TV commercial featuring children playing Holi has become controversial ?


Ans. Surf Excel

Q 3. What policy change has SBI announced that will immediately affect/benefit the savings bank a/c holders when RBI changes the rate ?

Ans. SBI has linked the Savings Bank a/c to Repo rate , announced by RBI periodically. Whenever there is a change in repo rate , the same will be transmitted to Savings Bank interest rate

Q4. The regulator of Housing Finance Cos in India has proposed higher levels of Capital Adequacy Ratio for the HFCs in India. Who is the regulator for HFCs in India ?

Ans. National Housing Bank

Q5. “The Fabric of Our lives. The Story of ______” by Radhika Singh is a book chronicling which Indian retail brand/chain ? Fill in the blank

Ans. FabIndia

Q6. Who is the main sponsor of the reality show on MTV – Get a Job Season 5 that gives internships to college students ?

Ans. LinkedIn

Q7. Which old popular children’s magazine’s owners were Geodesic who had acquired the magazine in 2007 but are now under investigation by Enforcement Directorate incl Swiss bank deals ?

Ans. Chandamama

Q8. As per a recent Nielsen report, what %  of FMCG sales is contributed by supermarkets and organised retail in India ?

Ans. about 10 %


Q 9. After the Ethiopian Airlines crash which model of airplane is being seen as unsafe and many airlines particularly Chinese ones are suspending operations of those planes ?

Ans. Boeing 737 Max

Q 10. Which iconic American company eponymous with its founder started life as a dry goods store in San Francisco in 1853 ? The company is launching its second IPO now after taking the company private in 1985.

Ans. Levi Strauss and Co.

Q 11. What did Hans Liebherr invent in 1949 that became a huge success leading to the group becoming a success in heavy engineering and later home appliances ?

Ans. Mobile Tower Crane

Q 12. Kylie Jenner has been named the youngest self made billionaire ever by Forbes at the age of 21. Which business has made Kylie wealthy ?

Ans. Cosmetics

Q 13. What women friendly policy change has been made by Virgin Atlantic for its female flight attendants ?

Ans. It is no longer mandatory for female flight attendants to wear skirts or make-up

Q 14. Volvo known for its safety focus has decided to design cars with an upper speed limit from 2020. What is the proposed speed limit ?

Ans. 110 mph or 180 kmph

Q 15. The US President Trump has asked their govt to withdraw concessions to India as a developing country under GSP. Expand GSP

Ans. Generalized System of Preferences

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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