Guest Business Quiz # 19

India Business Quiz is proud to present a Business Quiz compiled by Guest Quiz Master Tathagata Chatterjee*

Q 1. Starting June 1, 2019, in what way will Silicon Valley billionaire, philanthropist and author Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman contribute to the cause of popularising fiction in English language?

Ans. Their charitable foundation Crankstart, will fund the Booker Prize award for five years.  It will not give its name to the award, which will revert to its old name of the Booker prize from 1 June, when the Man Group’s sponsorship ends

Q 2. In what way has Stacy Cunningham’s recent appointment as President of an institution broken the glass ceiling in its 226 years of history?

Ans.  Stacy Cunningham is the first woman to be appointed as the President of the New York Stock Exchange.(NYSE

Q 3. In 1755, this person was denounced as a magician and sentenced to five years in prison in Venice. In October 1756, he achieved a spectacular escape and made his way to Paris, where he introduced the concept of lottery in 1757 in France and made a financial reputation and a name for himself among the aristocracy. Name this person.

Ans. : Giacomo Casanova.

Q 4. During the Napoleonic Wars, the French Army faced a massive problem. In order to address that, an advertisement in Le Monde newspaper was put up that offered a hefty cash award of 12000 francs to anyone who could potentially solve the problem. As a response, this process was invented in 1809 and success results published in 1810. What process and who invented it?

Ans: Canned food; Invented by Nicolas Appert.

Q 5. Which 1965 Best Actress Oscar winner was born in at Singlijan Tea Estate, ChabuaAssamBritish India where her father ran a tea plantation for several years?


Ans.  Julie Christie

Q 6. In 1951, Ferruccio Lamborghini introduced the “L 33”. In n 1952, the new models DL 15, DL 20, DL 25 and DL 30 were presented, followed the next year by the DL 40 and DL 50. At the beginning of the 21st century, the R6, R7 and R8 ranges entered production. What kind of vehicles are these?


Ans.  Tractors. Lamborghini started out as a tractor manufacturer before venturing into luxury vehicles and supercars.

Q7. Which singer-songwriter, actress and businesswoman owns a vinery along with her father Silvio ‘Tony’ Ciccone named Ciccone Vineyard and Winery located at Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan? Her other business enterprises include Boy Toy, Inc, Webo Girl Publishing, Inc and Hard Candy Fitness among others.

Ans. Madonna. Her real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone

Q 8. In July 1995, who was appointed as the designer of Givenchy thus becoming the first British designer to head a French haute couture house ?

Ans. John Galliano

Q 9. In late 1970’s, Indian textile manufactures set up synthetic fibre plants that significantly reduced the price of synthetic fibre. As a result what item of clothing became immensely popular among a section of the working population from that time till late 1980’s because it was made up of fabric that was fairly cheap, easy to maintain and long-lasting although unsuited to the Indian climate?


Ans. Safari Suit

Q 10.  Owned by a company called ByteDance, it was originally launched in China as Douyin ( a word that literally translates to ‘vibrating sound”) in September 2016. By what name do the rest of the world know it as, that has since then witnessed more than 500 million downloads and courted recent controversies across the globe ?

Ans.  TikTok

Compiled by Tathagata Chatterjee. Tathagata Chatterjee is currently a Gurgaon-based Strategic Planning professional, hopelessly in love with popular culture and purveyor of all things trivial. His long history of quizzing battle stripes include winning the All India Brand Equity Quiz 2009 to the DI Neil O’Brien Open Quiz 2018 for the Errol Cowper Trophy. He can be reached on twitter @TathagataChatt2; Views expressed are personal.


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