Guest Business Quiz – 20

India Business Quiz is happy to present a set of 10 questions set by a new Guest Quiz Master – Vishnu *

Q1. Connect the following images 

For IBQ.002

Ans. Triumph Motorcycles

Q 2. Connect the following images 

For IBQ.004

Ans. Sean Parker

Q 3. Identify this company . 

For IBQ.006

Ans. Safran

Q 4. Fill in the blanks 

For IBQ.008

Ans. Angel Tax

Q 5. Identify the logo.

For IBQ.010

Ans. Pew Die Pie

Q 6. Identify this person.

For IBQ.012

Ans. Chandrababu Naidu

Q7. Who owns this service ?

For IBQ.014

Ans. Google

Q8. Identify this product 

For IBQ.016

Ans. Lab Grown Meat

Q9. Connect the following 

For IBQ.018

Ans. F-16 Jets

Q 10. Connect these mudras 

For IBQ.020

Ans. Hand gestures on 50 paise, 1 Re and 2 Rs coins

  • Compiled by Bodhanapu Vishnu. Vishnu is an engineer, an avid quizzer, Civil Services Examination aspirant, an artist, three-time Tata crucible regional champion of Dehradun region.

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