Weekly Business Quiz # 450


Q 1. The fictional village Malgudi made famous by R K Narayan will now be seen in reality. Which railway station is being renamed by Railways as Malgudi ?

Ans. Arasalu Railway Station in Shivamogga district

Q 2. What rifles will be made at the Indo-Russian Rifles factory at Amethi being dedicated to the nation ?

Ans. Latest Kalashnikov rifles AK-203

Q 3. Identify this manufacturing Guru. He mentored many Indian cos in auto sector like Tatas, Bajaj and TVS. He passed away. RIP


Ans. Prof Lord Kumar Bhattacharya

Q 4. Who is the newly appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Bank of Baroda ?

Ans. Hasmukh Adhia

Q 5. Which train service started as a bi-weekly between New Delhi and Howrah on March 1, 1969 i.e 50 years ago ?

Ans. Rajdhani express

Q 6. With which Indian group is the world’s largest convenience retail chain, 7 – Eleven , signed a master franchise agreement to launch their  stores in India ?


Ans. Future Group

Q 7. Which fruit juice brand has entered the health drink segment with Honeyvita ?

Ans. Rasna

Q8. Raghuram Rajan’s new book is called ‘The Third Pillar’. What is the third pillar as per this book ?

Ans. Community

Q9. Avanse is the education loans subsidiary of which company ?




Q 10. What was invented by pharmacist Stewart Adams while working for Boots in UK ? He wanted a medicine that would cure his own vodka induced hangover. He passed away recently. RIP.

Ans. Ibuprofen

Q 11. Amazon has announced an online Karaoke competition with a prize money. Which platform will conduct this ?

Ans. Twitch Sings will host Karoake competition

Q 12. With which tech firm would you associate India born tech billionaire Jay Chaudhri ?


Ans. ZScaler Inc

Q 13. Sonia Syngal is currently the CEO of a division of GAP Inc. Her division is going to be spun off as a separate publicly traded company. It may find a place in Fortune 500 because of its 8 Bn $ revenue. Name the division/brand .


Ans. Old Navy

Q 14. Which British airline announced ceasing of operations due to financial difficulties ?

Ans. Flybmi

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Reader’s Questions

Q 1. The HR 90 is a car launched by Volvo in Brussels 2018 Auto Show for promoting the features of S90 another car. What is unique about H R 90 ? .. .This question framed by M L Adithya Sudarshan , Coimbatore.

Ans. The Volvo Car uses AI to recruit staff by conducting interviews

Q 2. What do you call a Business Model where there is a Free Tier of services available to all users , but there are several Tiers of service offerings , Tier- 1 to n , priced differently. This question framed by Suman Kujur 

Ans. Freemium Business Model



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