Weekly Business Quiz # 447


Q 1. The Chinook is a multi-role, vertical-lift platform, which is used for transporting troops, artillery, equipment and fuel. The first shipment of 4 helicopters was received recently. IAF will soon induct these helicopters. Who is the supplier/ manufacturer of Chinooks ?


Ans. Boeing Vertol

Q 2. Chalet Hotels which had an IPO belongs to which real estate group ?

Ans. K.Raheja Group

Q 3. With which business group would you associate the brand Reid and Taylor that has been ordered to be liquidated by the NCLT after bidders could not come up with a viable revival plan ?

Ans. S.Kumar’s

Q 4. Fiat Chrysler is completely withdrawing its FIAT brand from the Indian market. What brand would they focus on in India ?

Ans. Jeep

Q 5. Duke’s soda a popular regional brand, now part of Pepsico, was started by Dinshawji Pandole in the year 1889. Why did he name it Duke’s ?


Ans. Dinshawji Pandole was a cricketer and had travelled to England as a part of Parsi Eleven team. He had success with the Duke’s ball, so named the soda after the Duke’s ball.

Q6. Which term given below best describes the business of the following listed companies in India QUESS Corp, SIS India, TeamLease ?.

Ans. Temp staffing services

Q7. The beleagured Essel Group has a mutual fund which it wants to disinvest to meet its debt obligations. Which mutual fund had Essel acquired in 2016 to enter this business ?

Ans. Peerless Mutual Fund

Q8. Where has the local govt started a campaign called ‘Tera Mera Beach’  where in return for depositing waste cleaned in the beach, the citizens can get beer or cocktail based on an approved exchange chart ?

Ans. Goa

Q9. SEBI has recently come out with revised guidelines for ETFs and Index Funds. By capping the Maximum exposure to 35 % for one stock and 65 % for top 3 stocks, what risk is being addressed ?

Ans. Concentration risk


Q 10. As the labour market gets tightened in US, the power of employees is increasing. If candidates do not turn up for interviews, do not join on the first day without info, stop attending work without informing . What is this act called ? It has come from online dating space..

Ans. Ghosting

Q 11. Gerald Cotten, the founder and administrator of Quadriga , a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange died suddenly in India while volunteering at an orphanage. His sudden death has caused a loss of over 100 Mn $ in cryptocurrencies. How ?

Ans. The cryptocurrencies were in a computer outside the network , called cold storage. Only Gerald had the password to this computer. With his death these cryptocurrencies are lost .

Q 12. In the year 2018, among the FAANG companies which had the highest revenue growth rate ?

Ans. Facebook

Q 13. What is the new name of the enterprise software services company formed by the merger of HPE’s erstwhile EDS division and CSC ?


Ans. DXC Technology

Q 14.. The shares of video game makers like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard have declined over 40 % since 2018 June. Take-Two’s share prices have also declined by 22 %. The analysts are all attributing this to one reason , a free-to-play game that was launched in late 2017. Name it

Ans. Fortnite : Battle Royale

Q 15. The Italian town of Locana in the northern Piedmont region is looking to pay people to move there. It will pay 9000 euros over 3 years. What is the main condition to avail this scheme ?

Ans. Have a baby in the town within the next 3 years

Q 16. Cognizant has announced a change in leadership. Brian Humphries will take over from Francisco D’Souza from April 1. Currently where is Brian employed ?

Ans. Vodafone

Q 17. Out of the following which of the fast food chains is NOT owned by Yum Brands ?

A. Taco Bell         B. KFC

C. Burger King     D. Pizza Hut 

Ans. C . Burger King

Q 18. Which social networking company has just launched a Live video broadcasting feature in its network ? Currently, this is by invitation in US only

Ans. LinkedIn

Q 19. In which country there was/is a practice of women giving chocolates to men in the workplace on Valentine’s day. This is being resisted by women and some companies are also banning it 

Ans. Japan , this chocolate is called “obligation chocolate” , as it is seen as being forced on the women

Q 20. Increasingly desktop software to enterprises will be delivered through a ‘peer-assisted”  technology mode, Explain ‘peer-assisted” technology

Ans. In “peer-assisted” solutions , once the update is delivered to a single PC within an office, software that is resident on it will allow it to distribute the update to its peers without the need to go back each time to the distributing server.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan 

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