Weekly Business Quiz # 446


Q 1 . Identify this old film where Deepti Naval plays a door-to-door saleswoman for Chamko detergents 



Ans.  Chasme Buddoor

Q 2. A well known quiz master.and sports organiser is the CEO of Pro Volleyball league that is co-owned by Volleyball Federation of India and Baseline Ventures. Name him

Ans. Joy Bhattacharjya

Q 3. Which are the 3 banks that RBI has moved out of the Prompt Corrective Action Framework allowing them to do normal business ?

Ans. Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra and Oriental Bank of Commerce

Q 4. What connects Tri-Valley University in 2010, Herguan University in 2012 and University of Farmington in 2019 ?

Ans. These are all fake universities in US that were involved in student visa fraud involving Indians

Q 5. Where has government set up the first GI store in India ?

Ans. Panjim Airport,Goa

Q 6. As Industry Minister, George Fernandes in 1978 forced MNCs to dilute their stake. IBM refused to get an Indian partner . There were over 800 computer installations of IBM then. Which PSU became operational ( though created earlier in 1975) to maintain these computers ?

Ans. CMC Limited , which got privatised and is now a part of TCS

Q7. When George Fernandes ( RIP ) became Industry Minister under the Janata Party govt in 1977, he forced multinationals to leave India. Coca Cola was one of them. Which brand of Cola was launched by the govt to fill the gap left by Coke ?

Ans. Double Seven Cola

Q8. Who is the Digital Innovation partner of Tennis Australia since 2018 Sept . If you had watched AO 2019 closely, you would have seen logo of this company

Ans. Infosys


Q9. Identify this woman. She passed away recently at the age of 101. She was a qualified Architect who brought research & planning to interior design. She is credited with the concept of ‘open plan offices’ and bringing art to offices since 1960s. Womb chair was her other innovation


Ans. Florence Knoll Bassett

Q 10. Gabrielle Reilly’s video where she wears her Air Pods as ear rings has gone viral partly because it solves a practical problem of losing in a cool way. What does she call them ?

air rings

Ans. Airrings

Q 11 Nike and Gillette are being cited as examples of ‘Woke’ capitalism ? What is woke capitalism ?

Ans. These companies came out with ad  campaigns trying to address social issues while also furthering their brands… Nike’s “believe in something” and Gillette’s “is this the best a man can get” campaigns invoking social issues

Q 12. Identify this person who is becoming a cult figure thanks to Netflix


Ans. Marie Kondo whose advise on how to keep one’s house tidy has gone viral

Q 13. India surpassed Japan to become the No 2 steel producer in the world in 2018. China is # 1 and is way ahead of India. What is the production share of China in the world ?

Ans. 51 %

Q 14. What is the name given by Microsoft to a collection of software for enterprises consisting of Power BI, Power BI and Flow that will sit on top of the Windows Azure ?

Ans. Microsoft Power Platform

Q 15. Identify this person who has been named as the CEO of Intel. He is only the 7th CEO in its 50 year history . He is an outsider and not a semi-conductor veteran.

bob swan

Ans. Robert Swan

Q 16. Appliances and gadgets sold and made in UK used to have CE mark common to whole of Europe . How is UK preparing for a ‘No deal’ Brexit ?

Ans. UKCA for United Kingdom Conformity Assessed

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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