Weekly Business Quiz # 445


Q 1. In the salad days of computer training business, NIIT and Aptech were bitter rivals. Now Barings equity is going to bring their IT services arm together. Explain.

Ans. Barings Equity already owns Heaxaware Technologies, a company that was promoted by Aptech Founder. Barings is likely to buy NIIT Technologies and merge it with Hexaware..

Q 2. Infosys has received a large order from Income Tax deptt to upgrade the IT Returns processing. After the upgrade the returns processing time will reduce from 63 days to ?

Ans. 1 day

Q3. Sanjay Tripathi will be directing the biopic of which business leader ?

Ans. N R Narayana Murthy

Q4. Which IIT is going to offer a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence from next academic session ?

Ans. IIT Hyderabad

Q5. Who is the sponsor of the book ‘Peerless Minds’ by Pritish Nandy and Tapan Chaki, where 30 Indians have been interviewed , published by Harper Collins ?

Ans. Peerless Group

Q6. An international Film with Dev Patel, Anupam Kher etc is releasing in March on the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, what is it called ?

Ans. Hotel Mumbai

Q7. Which 5 star hotels chain has started a chain of hotels in mid-market segment on leased properties under the brand name ‘Zone” ?

Ans. The Park

Q8. Subroto Bagchi, N S Parthasarathy, Krishna Kumar Natarajan , Rostow Ravanan are promoters of which IT company ?

Ans. Mindtree Ltd

Q9. What was the reason cited by SEBI to reject the L & T buyback proposal ?

Ans. After the buyback the combined debt of L & T and its subsidiaries will exceed 2 : 1 , beyond which is not allowed as per SEBI guidelines

Q10. Textiles Ministry has announced that there will soon be a ‘Size India ‘ . What is Size India ?

Ans. India specific standardized ‘Size’ Chart of Garments and Textiles like in UK, USA & Europe through ‘Size India’ Project.

Q 11. Based on SEBI defined criteria , 7 companies have been upgraded from mid-cap to large cap from January 2019 onwards. As per this, which companies are classified as large caps ?

Ans, First 100 companies in terms of market capitalisation

Q 12. Which French dairy major has acquired the dairy businesses Tirumala Dairy , Anik dairy and now Prabhat Dairy ?

Ans. Lactalis

Q 13. Where is the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas being held this year , starting on January 22nd  ?

Ans. Varanasi

Q 14. Which company markets the toothpaste brand Glisters ?

Ans. Amway

Q 15. Ravneet Gill has been appointed as the CEO of Yes Bank. Prior to this he was the CEO of which bank ?

Ans. Deutsche Bank

Q 16. What is the current status of Arun Jaitley ?

Ans. He is currently a Union Minsiter without portfolio , as he is undergoing treatment abroad

Q 17. Which views site after appearing first in the digital media will now appear as a weekly printed version from January 26 , 2019 ?

Ans. Firstpost

Q 18. The genial and avuncular uncle Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati who appears in his own advertisements for MDH masala has been honoured by the govt with a Padma award . What award has he been conferred ?

Ans. Padma Bhushan

Q 19. With which company would you associate the brands Medimix and Cuticura ?

Ans. Cholayil

Q 20. What is the name given to the superfast Delhi- Varanasi train that will have the first of the Made In India – Train 18  ?


Ans. Vande Bharat express

Q 21 . ICMR and Pfizer are running a public service campaign AMR, which they are calling’ Aao Milkar Rokein ‘ What is the technical full form of AMR ?

Ans. Anti-microbial resistance , i.e resistance to antibiotics

Q 22. Which newspaper completes 25 years on January 28, 2019 ?

Ans. The Hindu Businessline


Q 23. Which company has been voted the Most Admired Company in US as per the Fortune magazine ?

Ans. Apple

Q 24. Identify this woman who developed the first compiler, the words ‘bug’ and ‘debugging’ were popularised by her. Her biggest contribution was COBOL language that celebrates 60 years this year. Name this admirable computer scientist .


Ans. Grace Hopper

Q 25. Who is the Digital Innovation partner of Tennis Australia since 2018 September ? . If you had watched AO 2019 closely, you would have seen logo of this company 

Ans. Infosys

Q 26. Why has the hedge fund Man Group decided to withdraw its sponsorship of the Booker prize which it had been sponsoring for the last 18 years ?

Ans . Due to comments by the author Sebastian Faulks that hedge funds like Man were the ‘enemy”

Q 27. In China, two companies have introduced ‘dating leave” of eight days extra leave for certain type of employees . Who are eligible for such a leave ?

Ans. Single female employees over 30 years

Q 28. Due to the partial government shutdown in US over 380,000 workers have been furloughed . What does ‘furloughed’ mean ?

Ans. Allowed or forced someone to be absent temporarily from work.

Q 29. As per Brand Finance, which company is the most valued IT services brand globally ?

Ans. Accenture

Q 30. What term has been popularised by business theorist and social scientist Shoshana Zuboff that describes the form of capitalism practised by Google and Facebook ?

Ans. Surveillance Capitalism

Q 31. What is persistency ratio in the insurance industry ?

Ans. Persistency ratio measures how well an insurer has been able to retain customers and is measured in terms of renewals of policies both in volume and value

Q 32. What rule implemented by Whatsapp first in India in July 2018 has been enforced globally now ?

Ans. Limit the forwards to 5 contacts per message

Q 33. As per a study, the average song length has reduced by 30 secs compared to the songs of five years ago. What is the main reason attributed for this reduction ?

Ans. The streaming services like Spotify pay based on per song rather than length of the song

Q 34. 20 years ago, on Jan 20, 1999 this product was released. We saw its stupendous rise and fall. How did we popularly know this device and its subsequent release ?


Ans. Blackberry

Q 35. Among the following American social media sites which is NOT blocked in China ?

A. Facebook     B. Linkedin

C. Twitter          D.  YouTube
Ans. LinkedIn

Q 36. Which airline released an ad which said even though Americans may not outwardly say they like Mexico, they already are a little Mexican in their DNA , so they did DNA test and based on the % give discounts to fly from US to Mexico ?

Ans. Aeromexico

Q 37. Which brand’s latest TV commercial has generated debate and sparked backlash from several of the brand’s consumers when it says ‘is this the best a man can get ‘ ?

Ans. Gillette

Q 38. We’re all out of hamberders. Just serving hamburgers today’ tweeted Burger King… What is the source of the word hamberders ?

Ans. Donald Trump tweeted a typo spelling hamburgers as hamberders

Q 39. As per Netflix , as mentioned in their letter to shareholders , who is their biggest threat ?

Ans. Fortnite

Q 40. John C Bogle died recently. He was the founder of Vanguard group. What trend did he pioneer that has become huge worldwide ?


Ans. Index Funds

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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