Guest Business Quiz # 18

IBQ is proud to present the first Guest Business Quiz of 2019. Please find below the quiz set by Guest Quiz Master Vinay Kumar Handa.*

Q 1. ISRO will promote collaboration with academics working in other disciplines as well as with industry, by setting up six Incubation Centres all over India. One Incubation Centre has already been set up and others will follow . Which are these planned centres?

Ans. a.NIT Agartala    b.NIT Jalandhar    c.NIT Trichy      d.NIT Rourkela         e.IIT Varanasi and f. IIT Indore.

Q 2. Microsoft has launched an E-Commerce portal to empower the handloom weavers of Telangana and optimize their operations and improve their engagement with the customers . Which is this E-Commerce portal?

Q 3. A designer in collaboration with Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation is recreating Varma’s works on Khadi Saris using the Srikakulam Jamdani weaving technique .These Saris will be displayed in an Exhibition planned in October 2019. Who is this talented designer?

Ans. Gaurang Shah.

Q4. Which Startup has been launched by IIT Madras to train students and professionals in Artificial Intelligence?


Q5. Which innovative ecommerce model will be adopted by Reliance Industries to launch the same in Gujarat for 1.2 million retailers and shop keepers?

Ans.  O2O (Online toOffline)

Q6. Which will be the 7th International foray of the Indian Hospitality Chain OYO?

Ans. Philippines after UK,UAE,Indonesia,Malaysia,Nepal and China.

Q7. Which City has been named by UNESCO the ‘World Capital of Architecture for 2020’ ?

Ans. Rio de Janeiro

Q8. NCLT has approved the merger of which telecom firm with Bharti Airtel Ltd.?

Ans.  Tata Teleservices Ltd.

Q9. Lockheed Martin has picked which Indian partner for manufacturing F-16 Jets in India?

Ans.  Tata Advanced Systems

Q 10. Which IIT Madras incubated Online Platform is helping students learn technical subjects in five languages : Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali?

Ans. GUVI Geek Network Pvt. Ltd.

Q 11. A Detailed Project Report has been got prepared by Government of India for linking rivers in South India.The DPR with an estimate of Rs. 60000 Cr. will be now put up to the Cabinet for approval. Which are the rivers proposed to be linked ?

Ans. Godavari, Krishna, Pennar and Cauvery

Q 11. The East Coast Railway has installed 91 vending machines in 36 trains to improve hygiene on board its trains. What do these machines dispense?

Ans. Sanitary Napkins.


  • Vinay Kumar Handa is a Petroleum Industry veteran and Blogger. He is passionate about Quizzing, Environment, Space Exploration and  Popular Science.




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