Weekly Business Quiz # 402


Q1. Who has acquired the food delivery service co Foodpanda from Delivery Hero ?

Ans. Ola ( ANI Technologies)

Q2. In 1903 Taj Mahal hotel opened to guests with 17 rooms. What was the room tariff back then ?

Ans. Starting from Rs 6

Q3. Who will bear the Merchant Discount Rate ( MDR) for all debit card/ BHIM UPI / AePS transactions up to Rs 2000 for next 2 years in India ?

Ans. Govt of India

q4. Which brand ad featuring Anil Kapoor is asking health conscious customers to say Tata to Tata salt ?

anil kapoor

Ans. Puro Salt


Q5. In the 1930s George Squier formed a company to sell easy to hear music for retail stores , lifts, offices etc and he liked the sound of ‘Kodak’ . What did he name his company ?

Ans. Muzak

Q6. Which internet messaging service launched in 1997 though not a pioneer but the most popular of its time has discontinued after 20 years on Dec 15 , 2017 ?

Ans. AOL Instant Messenger

Q7. Which restaurant chain in US as a rule does not open on Sundays but opens very rarely during an emergency such as recently when due there was a blackout at Atlanta airport and many flights got cancelled ?

Ans. Chick Fil-A

Q8. Frederick Banting was the youngest Nobel Prize winner in medicine for discovery of insulin. During the World War II he worked in a different area. What was his contribution in aviation medicine ?

Ans. G-Suit for pilots to prevent blackouts

Q9. Which prestigious university has raised 1 billion $ through an issue of bonds having a coupon Rate of 2.5 % and 100 year tenor ?

Ans.Oxford University

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan



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