Weekly Business Quiz # 396


Q1. In which business is Khadim India which is entering the capital market with an IPO ?

Ans. Footwear and other leather products

Q2. Which traditional business is being disrupted by start-ups like Rivigo, Delhivery, Ecom Express etc ?

Ans. Logistics or transportation business

Q3. Twinkle Khanna is producing a biopic of the man in the middle, which is played by Akshay Kumar. Name the movie and the man in the middle.


Ans. Padman , Arunachalam Muruganantham

Q4. Fateh Chand was the biggest financier in 18th century. Bengal emperor gave him the emerald seal and a title that became a brand name. What ?

Ans. Jagat Seth

Q5. M V Sridhar who passed away suddenly besides being a cricketer and later cricket administrator was head Talent acquisition in which IT co ?

Ans. Satyam Computers which became Tech Mahindra

Q6. Which state has imposed a restriction of pillion riding on 100cc motorcycles and below ? Two mfrs have gone to court over this

Ans. Karnataka

Q7. Which brand has been rated No 1 in India in terms of brand valuation by Interbrands ?

Ans. Tata

Q8. The Solapur – Karad transmission line under the Western Regional System Strengthening Scheme (WRSSS) project. Why was this in the news recently ?

Ans. Reliance Infarstructure sold this private transmission project to Adani Group

Q9. Which organisation’s house magazine is called ‘The DIALogue’ ?

Ans. Delhi International Airport Limited ( DIAL)

Q10. Which FMCG major has launched 4 varieties of packaged potatoes under the brand name Farmland ?

 Ans. ITC
Q11. Dina Wadia, mother of Nusli Wadia and daughter of Jinnah passed away in New York. To which famous Parsi business family her mother belonged to ?
Ans. Petit family
Q12. Textiles Minister Smriti Irani inaugurated a new online brand for handlooms sold through Myntra. Name it.
Ans. Navibhu
Q13. Wal-Mart is opening its first ‘dark store’ in Bhiwandi, Near Mumbai. What is a dark store and who pioneered this concept ?
Ans. A dark store is a warehouse from where only online customers can pick up their deliveries. Tesco pioneered it in UK
Q14. With which brand would you associate this creative team ?
amul team
Ans. Amul Butter


Q15. A bug is an error in computer code, what is a bug with a security threat called ?

Ans. Vulnerability

Q16. If iPhone business of Apple were ranked separately as a business it’s Fortune rank will be A. < 100 B. 101-250 C. 251- 500 D. > 500

Ans. A ..Less than 100

Q17. Jerome Powell the newly appointed Fed Reserve Chairman was a partner in a well known Private Equity firm between ’97 and 2005. Name it

Ans. Carlyle Partners

Q18. Dhawal Shah started a search engine in 2011 spotting a niche in a growing market. It is called class-central. What niche does it address ?

Ans. Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Q19. Over what emoji has a social media debate started as to who us correct Apple or Google ?


Ans. Burger emojis, on where the cheese should be placed, above or below the patty

Q 20.Constellation holdings makers of beer brands Corona and Modela are investing in Canopy Growth . In what business is Canopy in ?

Ans. Cannabis

Q21. What unique incentive is being offered by Japanese marketing firm Piala Inc to its non-smoking employees ?

Ans. 6 days of extra paid leave

Q22. Who compiles the Ease of Doing Business report every year ?In this year’s report India has improved 30 ranks.

Ans. The World Bank Group

Q23. Google and Facebook dominate internet . Yet their positioning is diff. Google is a __________ internet co & FB is a __________ internet co. Fill blanks.

 Ans. Google- Knowledge, Facebook – Social

Q24. Name this Sony’s robot that is reappearing after 10 years with advanced Artificial Intelligence built in,


Ans. Aibo

Q25. This seminal mgmt book of 1956 by William H Whyte defined ” The __________ Man” as someone living in suburb , conformist and pursuing dollar. Fill in the blank

Ans. Organisation

Q26. Why is Finnair weighing the passengers before boarding ?

Ans. To refine the average weights for various types of passengers and thereby save on operating costs by calculating overall weight of flight

Q27. As per Tim Cook Apple does not have a separate Apple Foundation because

A. It does not believe in CSR
B. Great products is service
C wants all employees  to do good

Ans. C …It wants all employees to be involved in CSR rather than just a small group of Foundation employees

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan 

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