Weekly Business Quiz # 393


Q 1. Among the NSE listed cos which 2 cos are consistently No 1 and No 2 in terms of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR)  spending ?

Ans. Reliance Industries and ONGC

Q 2. On Dhanteras day, which commodity excahnge has launched options in commodities incl gold, for the first time in India ?

Ans. MCX

Q 3. Name this South based group now in its 4th gen made up of 60 cos and sales $7 billion in which  as a rule children do not work with their fathers but their uncles

Ans. TVS Group

Q 4. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of Manyavar. Who is the brand ambassador of Mohey ?


Ans. Anushka Sharma

Q 5. How are online retailers using the festive sales of Amazon and other E-commerce companies in India opportunistically ?

Ans. Offline retailers are using 4-5 accounts to buy mobiles and other itmes cheaper online and selling it at a higher price offline

Q 6. Which railway station has been certified as India’s first ‘Green railway station’ ?

Ans. Secunderabad

Q 7. Between which 2 cities/towns has Indian Railways started a weekly goods train called ‘Cotton Express’ ?

Ans. Howrah and Tirupur

Q 8. Bharti Airtel has acquired Tata’s consumer mobile businesses on a debt-free cash-free basis. What does it mean ?

Ans. Bharti does not take the existing debt and does not pay any cash to Tatas. It gets the entire business virtually free


Q 9. What is this design trend called where logos are modified so that they consume less ink ?


Ans. Eco-branding

Q 10 . Name this India-born family group in South Africa in media, mining and other business in the eye of a storm because of corruption scandal involving president Jacob Zuma 

Ans. Guptas

Q 11. Supply Chain Finance is one of  the fast growing areas of financing. What is supply-chain finance ?

Ans. Supply chain finance, also known as supplierfinance or reverse factoring, is a set of solutions that optimizes cash flow by allowing businesses to lengthen their payment terms to their suppliers while providing the option for their large and SME suppliers to get paid early.

Q 12. Which country is No 1 in mobile data per mobile broadband subscription in 2016 ( GB per month )

A South Korea   B Sweden  C Austria  D Finland

Ans. D.Finland

Q 13 . As Bayer gets ready to acquire Monsanto which co will acquire the existing seeds and herbicides business of Bayer ?


Q 14. Why is Jullian Assange thanking the entire banking and card companies like Visa, Mastercard to erect a wall against Wikileaks since 2010 ?

Ans. Because of these restrictions, Wikileaks invested in Bitcoin and earned exceptional returns

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

Wishing all the readers and their families a Very Happy Diwali 


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