Weekly Business Quiz # 392


Q 1. Why is the company Temple Enterprises currently in the news ?

Ans. Jay Shah, son of BJP President Amit Shah owns this co and this co has shown exceptional growth as per a The Wire article leading to outrage.

Q 2. Why are offline retailers like D-Mart and Big Bazaar angry with cola companies ?

Ans. Cola companies are offering Amazon coupons as a promotion

Q 3. What is the new upper limit for investment in Sovereign Gold Bonds issued by GoI? The earlier upper limit was 500g per year for individuals

Ans. 4 kg

Q4. Who will take over from D.Shivakumar as the PepsiCo India Chief ? D.Shivakumar is joining Aditya Birla Group as Head of strategy

Ans. Ahmed El Sheikh

Q5. Who has the Govt of India appointed as the new Chairman of SBI for a period of 3 years ?

Rajnish Kumar

Ans. Rajnish Kumar


Q 6. What is a “Blackberry thumb” ?

Ans. Sore thumb caused by the frequent use of the thumbs to press buttons on PDAs, smartphones, or other mobile devices.

Q7. Which brand had to apologise and remove its advt where a black woman turned into a white woman after using the product ?


Ans. Dove Body lotion

Q8. In which film did the Nobel winner Richard Thaler made a cameo appearance as himself ?

Ans. The Big Short

Q9. For which area of Economics has Richard Thaler been awarded Nobel prize this year ?

Ans. Behavioral Economics

Q 10. In the context of the recent Las Vegas shooting a term ‘ bump stock’ is being used often in news. What is it ?

Ans. Bump stock is a device that converts guns to function like fully automatic ones.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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