Guest Business Quiz # 7- US Special

This post is a special on US Businesses. All questions relate to well known companies and businessmen from USA.

Q 1, The surname of the founder comes from the German for ‘ostrich’. The founder started his business selling dry goods in San Francisco which he imported from his brothers in New York. He then made tents and eventually ventured into something he is now famous for. Who? 

Ans. Levi Strauss – “Struz” or “Strutz” is the North-German form of the word “Strauss”, which is the modern German word for ostrich.

Q 2. A trained Dalmatian accompanies to guard the wagon, a tradition since the 1950s. Historically, the role of the dogs was to protect the ‘team’ while the driver went inside buildings to make deliveries. When the ‘team’ performs today, the Dalmatians sit on the wagon, seated next to the driver. The wagons are modified Studebaker wagons. Which ‘team’ do the Dalmatians protect?

Ans. Budweiser Clydesdales horses.

Q3. Which one word would connect the first two, the same can be related to the third visual if you consider the broader sense in the world of fauna. Explain.  


Ans. Buttonwood – Buttonwood Agreement helped start NYSE which in turn inspired the column (on Finance) name in The Economist.  Sycamore is another name for Buttonwood and Gururaj Deshpande named his venture Sycamore Networks after the tree.

Q4. What started as ‘Course 15’ in 1914 and has given birth to many influential ideas in management and finance including the Black–Scholes model, Theory X and Theory Y, the Solow–Swan model, the random walk hypothesis, the binomial options pricing model, and the field of system dynamics? 

Ans. MIT Sloan School of Management, which began as the engineering administration curriculum (“Course 15”) in the MIT Department of Economics and Statistics.

Q5. The ____________  Award for distinguished contribution to the art of film was established by the ___________ Museum in 1955 as the first film award given by an American archive and museum to honor artistic work of enduring value. Fill up the blank with the name of a great entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Ans. George Eastman

Q6. Which American industrialist shares his name with one of the founding fathers of US and was the first in Akron to own a telephone, which was a gift from Alexander Graham Bell in 1877?

Ans. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, founder of B.F. Goodrich Company (tires) now owned by Michelin.

Q7. This city in US was once the home to four of the world’s largest beer breweries (Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst, and Miller), and was the number one beer producing city in the world for many years. Which city whose baseball (MLB) team is appropriately named Brewers?

Ans. Milwaukee

Q8. Which airline famous for its Blue Meatball logo did the conman and imposter Frank Abagnale Jr. call the “Ritz-Carlton of airlines”?

Ans. Pan-Am

Q9. The title of what book written by investigative journalists Bryan Burrough and John Helyar comes from a statement by Ted Forstmann, in which he calls Henry Kravis’ money “phoney junk bond crap” and declares him and his brother as “real people with real money,” also stating that to stop raiders like Kravis: “We need to push the ________ ___ ____ __ ____ ___.”

Ans. Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco. The statement made was “We need to push the barbarians back from the city gates.”

Q10. In November 2009, this towering sports legend announced that he was suffering from a form of leukemia, Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Who is this US cultural ambassador who was a spokesman for Novartis, the company that produced his cancer medication, Gleevec? 

Ans. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, who played for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • Compiled by Guest Quiz Master G.Sreekanth – G.Sreekanth is a National level Business Quiz Champion. He works and lives in Singapore

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