Weekly Business Quiz # 391


Q 1. Rocket post a news subscriptions service that charges Rs 100 per annum, operates from Pilibhit in UP. What medium does it use to distribute ?

Ans. Whatsapp

Q 2. After 42 years, where did the first crude oil cargo from US land in India ?

Ans. Paradeep, Odisha

Q3. Which popular radio service was started on October 3, 60 years ago in India ?

Ans. Vividh Bharati

Q 4. Which auto company has got the Govt of India order to supply 10,000 electric vehicles ?

Ans. Tata Motors


Q5. Procter and Gamble has made majority of their ads to be suitable for blind people. How are they doing it ?

Ans. An audio narrative placed on top of the content to describe what is being shown.

Q6. For whom do Samsung employees use the codename “LO” and what does it stand for ?

Ans. Apple, Lovely Opponent ( LO)

Q7. Who supplies OLED display and flash memory chips to Apple for iPhone X?

Ans. Samsung

Q8. Which British airline started as a tour operator in 1928 taking tourists in a gondola across Lake Lugano iby Antonio Mantegazza ?

Ans. Monarch Airlines

Q9 . Which VC of Indian origin bailed out Hugh Hefner by investing in Playboy Enterprises ?

Hugh hefner

Ans. Suhail Rizvi

Q 10. International Coffee Day was on October 1. Which popular coffee is named after an erstwhile  coffee trading hub in Yemen ?

Ans. Mocha

Q 11 . Which well known business newspaper has decided to discontinue its European and Asian print editions ?

Ans. The Wall Street Journal

Q 12. Which two leading cos have decided to merge their rail divisions to create a European giant ?

Ans. Alstom and Siemens

compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


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