Weekly Business Quiz # 384


Q 1. Kumbakonam Bank Ltd started operations as a regional bank in 1904. It got its current name in 1907. How do we know it today ?

Ans. City Union Bank

Q 2. Vishal Sikka has resigned as the MD and CEO of Infosys. He has been appointed Executive Vice Chairman. What will be his salary as Exec VC ?

Ans. US $ 1 per annum

Q3. Which was the first bank in India to introduce a teller system way back in 1944 ?

Ans. Punjab National Bank

Q4. Name this Wadia group company that started off trading in teak wood in the 19th century and now owns tea plantations and trades in tea.

Ans. Bombay Burmah Trading Co. Ltd

Q5. On August 15, 1995 Internet services were offered to public in India. Who was India’s first Internet Service Provider ?


Q6. Why you may not see Aquaguard water filters in any of the Tata co offices or factories in future ?

Ans. Aquaguard is made by Eureka Forbes, a Shapoorji Pallonji Group Co. Tata Sons have issued a directive to all Tata Cos to have no business links with Shapoorji Pallonji group, as it belongs to Cyrus Mistry

Q7. Which city was home to the maximum number of shell companies recently banned by SEBI ?

Ans. Kolkata

Q8. Which govt authority assigns caps in prices for medical equipments and implants like stents and knee caps in India ?

Ans. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority ( NPPA)

Q 9. What is unique about the Bhasin family shown in this picture ?


Ans. This unique family  have done 100 years of flying combined.


Q 10. What has led to resignation of several CEOs incl Merck , Intel , Under Armour to resign from Mfg council of President Trump ?

Ans. Amidst the unclear stand of President to tackle the racist attack at Charlottesville.  CEOs fear that this might conflict with the equal employment ethos of their organisation and possible loss of business and bottom line.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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