Weekly Business Quiz # 383


Q1, Madhubala appeared in advt that promoted a Swadeshi product. Name the brand

Madhubala vatni

Ans. Godrej Vatni soap. Vatni comes from Vatan meaning motherland.

Q2. Taj Group of hotels is recreating the menu that it had served on the eve of independence 14th August 1947 at Taj Mumbai. This is being offered in many Taj restaurants across India as a celebration of independence day. What is it priced at ?

Ans. Rs 1947 plus taxes

Q3. Name the company that was created by four Indian partners in 1942 as an alternative to the foreign brands. A market leader in its category in India since 1967.

Ans. Asian Paints

Q4. Rajdoot was a popular Indian motorcycle in rural India. Which company used to manufacture this bike ?


Ans. Escorts Ltd

Q5. Identify this wilful defaulter , whose company is one of the big NPAs for public sector banks. 


Ans. Kailash Aggarwal of Varun Industries Ltd

Q6. Identify this person who has joined Tata Motors as its CFO.


Ans. P.B.Balaji who is joining Tata Motors from HUL

Q7. The newly appointed Censor Board chief Prasoon Joshi is an advertising professional. With which agency is he associated with ?

Ans. McCann Erickson


Q8. SCRUM is a popular framework for Agile software development. From which game has this term been taken ?

Ans. Rugby

Q9. Identify this logo…Apple Inc had objected to this logo because of some resemblance.


Ans. Woolworths Australia

Q10. In Australia there is a cafe run by women for women called Handsom Her . In this cafe men are charged 18 % extra . Why ?

Ans. In order to account for the gender wage gap in Australia.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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