Weekly Business Quiz # 377


Q 1. Identify this retail pioneer in India. He set up Foodworld, MusicWorld, Health and Glow as CEO Spencer. He passed away this year. RIP


Ans. P.K.Mohapatra

Q 2. In which city has Ola tied up with Mahindra to launch a pilot project of an electric vehicle network ?

Ans. Nagpur

Q 3. Indian Railways has launched a premium train service , Tejas Express. Between which 2 cities  the first one will ply ?

Ans. Mumbai to Goa

Q 4. Which Indian film has become the biggest grosser in China among non-Hollywood films ?

Ans. Dangal


Q 5. Which well known Internet brands have now become part of this Company ?


Ans. Yahoo and AOL, besides several others

Q 6. What common business term emerged from the Italian banchiere, the foreign exchange dealers of 14th century Italy ?

Ans. Bank

Q7. After the legendary Jack, it was Jeff for 16 years. Now it will be John from August 1. Which large global company will see this change ?

Ans. General Electric, Jack Welch, Jeff Immelt and now John Flannery

Q8. Forced withdrawal of all electric vehicles by which auto major in 2003 forced Elon Musk to think of Tesla ?

Ans. General Motors

Q 9. Which football club has been rated as the most valuable one by Forbes ?

A. Real Madrid B. Manchester United C. Barcelona D. Manchester City

Ans. B. Manchester United

Q 10. Management Guru Jack Trout passed away recently. Name the landmark book he wrote with Al Ries.

Ans. Positioning : The Battle for Your Mind

Q 11. Which IT major who had promoted remote working for its employees have now asked employees to start reporting at offices ?

Ans. IBM

Apologies for the long break.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 



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