Weekly Business Quiz # 341


Q 1. What popular offering from Buddies Infotech Chennai is making waves among tiny tots of India ?

Ans. ChuChu TV, a YouTube channel which has already become the 3rd most popular channel from India

Q 2. Which is the iconic sports model being launched by Ford in India for Rs. 65 lakh ?


Ans. Ford Mustang

Q 3. Name the two couples who have been among the 5 Indians who appear in the Forbes Asia’s philanthropy list for 2016

Ans. Amit Chandra of Bain Capital and Archana Chandra of Jai Vakeel Foundation and Vineet and Anupama Nayyar of Sampark Foundation

Q4. Under what brand has LOreal launched a herbal range of cosmetics in India to compete with the likes of Ayush and Patanjali ?

Ans. Garnier Ultimate Blends

Q5. With the acquisition of Minacs now and IBM Daksh earlier which is India’s largest BPO firm ?

Ans. Concentrix that is part of the US firm Synnex

Q6. Which Indian group has acquired the cement business of Lafarge in India ?

Ans. Nirma Group


Q7. Speciality restaurants have added an all day bar with Italian , Mexican food in their chain with Hoppipola . From where does this name come ?

Ans. Icelandic song by band Sigur Rós. The video shows friends jumping in puddles of water. It indicates you don’t have to be young to have fun.


Q8. Which video game launched by Niantic Labs has become so successful in a short time that it may beat Twitter on Android downloads ?

Ans. Pokemon Go

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan





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