Weekly Business Quiz # 340


Q 1. What unique product did Tata provide to the pilgrims during the just concluded Rath yatra at Puri ?


Ans. A frozen candy made of Tata salt, lemon juice and water for the devotees in the hot sun, promted as “Sehat ki chuski”


Q2.  Which brand has used this popular dialogue from CID in its advt recently


Ans. Godrej security solutions

Q3. On what would the Govt of India committee headed by Economist Shankar Acharya give recommendations about transition from an existing system ?

Ans. A new financial year to mov towards calendar year from April-March


Q4. Which luxury Indian brand belongs to Genesis Colors Ltd which is coming out with an IPO ?

Ans. Satya Paul

Q5. Name the airline that is promoting the upcoming Rajinikanth film Kabali being one of its sponsors


Ans. Air Asia


Q6. KitKat , Lollipop, Marshmallow …Complete the series

Ans. Nougat.All are .Android versions

Q7. More and more rich Chinese and Indians are applying for US EB-5 visa. What are the conditions and privileges of this visa ?

Ans. It is a method getting green card by foreigners who invest a minimum of 500,000 $ and create/save 10 US jobs. The investor and his/her family is allwed to migrate subject to certain conditions

Q 8. What stock exchange started by David Cummings in 2005 with HQ in Lenexa, Kansas has become the 2nd largest equity exchange in US ?

Ans. BATS Global markets

Q 9. The London financial sector suffers from ‘Wimbledonization’. What is ‘Wimbledonization’ ?

England hosts the best players from around the world at its tennis championship, but a local rarely wins it. Similarly, London’s financial district, foreigners run the show

Q 10. “Don’t go there, live there” is the tag line for which brand ?

Ans. AirBnB

Q 11. What brand of forest friendly condoms will be distributed free by the Brazil govt during the Rio Olympics ?

Ans. Natex

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan





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