Weekly Business Quiz # 339


Q 1. What is unique about the e-commerce venture started by Chandra Bhan Prasad ?

Ans. Chandra Bhan is a dalit entrepreneur who has named the venture Dalit Foods and is challenging the social glass ceiling

Q2. Which classic tune was chosen by Titan founder Xerxes Desai as the signature tune for Titan watches advts ?

Ans. 25th symphony by Mozart


Q3. Which Japanese co owns Netmagic one of the first startups in the data centre space in India ?

Ans. Nippon Telephone and Telegraph ( NTT)

Q4. How is the business services provider Quess Corp which is coming out with an IPO connected to NRI Prem Watsa ?

Ans. Thomas Cook is a majority owner of Quess Corp. Thomas Cook India is owned by Fairfax Corp of V.Prem Watsa


Q5. What is the penalty which Volkswagen likely to pay to US authorities for using a cheat software leading to the emissions scandal ?

Ans. Approx 15 Bn $

Q6. What does Maria Sharapova propose to do while she is serving her two year suspension from tennis ?

Ans. Doing an MBA from Harvard Business School

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 




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