Weekly Business Quiz # 338


Q 1. What was the first bank in India, established in the year 1770 ?

Ans. Bank of Hindustan

Q 2. Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI ?

Ans. C.D.Deshmukh

Q3. What was first about the Prathama Bank set up in Moradabad in the year 1975 ?

Ans. First RRB in India. It was set up by Syndicate Bank

Q4. What is the Urja Ganga project announced by the Govt of India ?

Ans. Natural Gas pipeline from Jagdishpur in UP to Haldia


Q5. Where has the former Infosys Sr Exec/ iGate chief Ashok Vemuri joined after resigning from iGate ? 

Ans. Xerox Business Services

Q6. Sula Vineyards one of the leading wine brands is going beyond wines to another drink by launching Janus. What is Janus ?

Ans. India’s first 100 % grape brandy


Q7. What is motif investing ?

Ans. Motif Investment allows investors to choose from over 100 pre-built portfolios of 20-30 stocks, to customize existing motifs, or to create a brand new, unique portfolio all for a low execution cost. But it has higher risk as investors also play the role portfolio managers for their motifs.

Q8. Nikesh Arora while exiting Softbank as the COO said Supercell was his best deal. In which business is Supercell in and who has acquired it?

Ans. Supercell is into gaming and has been acquired by Tencent

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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