Weekly Business Quiz # 323

Q1. In which super fast train is Indian Railways expected to introduce rail hostesses ?

Ans. Gatiman Express

Q2. Making and distribution of which Indian sweet marks the beginning of the Union budget printing in North Block ?

Ans. Halwa

Q3. American airlines like Delta have introduced a class which is even lower than Economy. What is it called and what are its constraints ?

Ans. Basic Economy, seat selection and itinerary changes are not allowed, not even for an extra fee

Q4. Whose voice will be used by GPS Waze as a part of promotion for the movie London has fallen ?

Ans. Morgan Freeman

Q5. Google has launched a new tech called AMP that will make news load faster on mobiles. What does AMP stand for ?

Ans. Acclerated Mobile Pages

Q6. Finance Ministers carry a leather bag while they go to present the budget. What is the significance of leather bag in a budget ?


Ans. The word budget is derived from French Bowgette which means a leather bag

Q7. Connect this football player to a car brand launched/relaunched by Tata recently


Ans. Tata Tiaga…new name for Zica

Q8. Seen here is MS Dhoni launching a new lifestyle brand. Name the brand.


Ans. Seven

Q9. Which brand has refuted that there are no worms in the tea bags as is being propagated in social media ?

Ans. Lipton Green tea bags

Q10. A video featuring these actors has gone viral on YouTube. what is the key social message they are communicating ?


Ans. No smoking

Q 11. Which men’s wear brand is owned by Gurgaon based Mohan Clothing Pvt Ltd ?

Ans. Blackberry’s

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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