Weekly Business Quiz # 322

Q 1. Identify this businesswoman and connect her to F-16 planes


Ans. Marillyn Hewson , CEO of Lockheed Martin, the maker of F-16

Q 2. In the press advts for Patanjali Ayurved products whose picture appears alongside Baba Ramdev ?


Ans. Acharya Balakrishna

Q 3. Who has acquired the electronics distribution firm Ingram Micro for about 6 Billion $ ?

Ans. Chinese co. HNA Global

Q4. WiwiGo is an online taxi service. How is it different from Ola and Uber ?

Ans. It is an inter-city taxi service in India

Q5. Why is “Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd ” currently in the news ?

Ans. The co behind Freedom 251 the cheapest smartphone launched recently

Q6. Economists are divided about the idea of a Bad bank. What is a ” bad bank ” ?

Ans. A commercial bank to which all the bad loans or NPAs of various banks will get transferred

Q7. Why is Apple chief Tim Cook reluctant to provide the passcodes of iphones to US courts for FBI investigation ?

Ans. Fear of universal backdoor (which FBI asked it to develop) getting in wrong hands.

Q8. What does PJSC suffix in company names in UAE stand for ?

Ans. Public Joint Stock Company

Q 9. Which global giant has an ideas think tank called Jigsaw that works on the intersection between tech and geopolitics.  ?

Ans. Google

Q 10. What is unique about the Sensimar chain of hotels in Europe ?

Ans. Adults only hotels, to avoid children’s noise and chatter

Q 11. In which online publication did a banner advt appear for the first time in 1994 ?

Ans. Wired

Q 12. Which Indian born is the highest paid corporate executive in US ?

Ans. Sundar Pichai of Google

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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