Weekly Business Quiz # 239

Q 1. Which company owns the Broadway chain of multiplexes ?


Q2. In which City the staff of Wal Mart decided to unionise leading to the mgmt deciding to shut it down ? Now Supreme Court has asked to compensate every employee.

Ans. Quebec City, Canada

Q3. Which US Conglomerate’s credit card business is called Synchrony Financial ?

Ans. Synchrony Financial

Q 4. After Amma mineral water, Amma salt and Amma unavagam what has been started by TN Govt under the Amma brand name ?

Ans. Amma pharmacies

Q 5. Under what brand name has ITC launched breakfast cereals in direct competition to the likes of Kellogg’s and Quaker ?

Ans. Sunfeast Farmlite

Q6. We recommend a good swish after grabbing a bite of Italian,” Listerine tweeted during the Italy-Uruguay World Cup match. Explain

Ans. Uruguay football player biting an Italian player in a football game

Q7. IPS Academy has advertised in TOI Ascent for a M.O.D.I . What is its expansion according to them ?

Ans. Man of Directorial Integrity

Q8. This Apple product bombed but this lead to a blockbuster product that was launched on June 29, 2007. Name it.



Ans. iPhone

Q9. RD Burman’s 75th birth anniversary was yesterday 27th June. His tunes continue to be used even today. Which two wheeler brand uses this tune Aao Twist Karen from Bhoot Bangla in a recent commercial ?

Ans. Ao Let’s Karen- Suzuki Let’s

Q 10. Identify this first gen entrepreneur credited with building India’s first private railway, first private port in Gujarat and first Private SEZ in Maharashtra…

Nikhil Gandhi


Ans. Nikhil Gandhi

Q 11. This brand is linked to a very significant event that happened in India on June 25th. Name the event and why was this brand called Double Seven.

Double seven


Ans. The significant event that happened was imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi on June 25 1975. After emergency was withdrawn, elections followed. In 1977. Janata Party came to power. George Fernandez asked Coca Cola to leave India. Govt of India launched A cola through Modern Foods. Janata party MP HV Kamath gave the name Double Seven to commemorate the party win.

Q 12. Identify him.

Sundar Pichai


Ans. Sundar Pichai of Google , who heads Android and other important divisions

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan




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