Weekly Business Quiz # 240

Q 1. CNBC has launched a Gujarati Business News channel. What is it called ?

Ans. CNBC Bajar

Q 2. Sydney has started installing ‘reverse vending machines’. What are these ?

Ans.It is a vending machine which accepts used cans and bottles for recycling. After a certain quantity has been accepted it can be exchanged for bus tickets or a seat in the Sydney harbour etc.

Q3. What is the new name of ING Vysya Life Insurance ?

Ans. Exide Life Insurance

Q4. Which retail store chain is using the Modi tagline ” Achche Din aa gaye hain” in its campaign ?

Ans. More Megastore

Q5. Govt wants to promote the use of debit cards issued by National Payment Corp of India. What is the name of this network ?

Ans. RuPay

Q6. Name the management idea in org structure invented by Brian Robertson, a software engineer in 2007 adopted by Zappos and others.

Ans. Holacracy

Q7. From which country is BlaBlaCar a sharing service that allows members to offer seats in their cars when they are doing an intercity ride ?

Ans. France

Q8. Which international publication has decided to discontinue its India specific website India Ink from June 30 ?

Ans. New York Times

Q9. TRAI has revised the minimum internet speed to be classified as broadband recently. What is the new speed ?

Ans. 512 kbps

Q 10. This bookcase from IKEA is the largest selling single piece MDF furniture in the world. What is its name ?


Ans. Billy Bookcase

Q 11. Honda is launching an MPV in competition with Innova and Ertiga shortly. What is the model called ?


Ans. Honda Mobilio

Q 12. Bacardi has launched 2 new desi flavours under its Breezer range. what are these ?


Ans. Aam Panna and Nimbu Pani

Q 13. British airways has introduced ‘ Happiness blanket’.What does it do ?



Ans. It changes colour according to the mood of the person

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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