Weekly Business Quiz # 238

Q 1. Why is the outgoing Infosys CEO Shibulal being compared to Donald Trump ?

Ans. His investments in real estate

Q 2. Name this ”stupid’ app that has attracted millions of dollars and become a top app in the Apple App Store

Ans. Yo

Q3. Facebook has launched Wedge as a part of its Open Compute Project. This product is threatening to which IT major ?

Ans. Cisco

Q4. RBI has revised the ceiling for the amount of Indian currency notes which residents and NRIs can carry abroad. What is the new limit ?

Ans. Rs 25,000

Q5. Pepsi recently won a trademark case against PSI Ganesh marketing. What brand was used by them that was found too close to Aqua Fina ?

Ans. Aqua Fies

Q 6. Amazon has launched a smartphone Fire which will be available from July in US via AT & T. What is the standout feature of these phones ?

Ans. 3D perspective that comes from 4 cameras in the front

Q7. Homi Bhabha’s Malabar hills bungalow has been auctioned for Rs 372 crore. Who will receive the proceeds ?


Q8. In which product category is Karex Berhad the world’s largest maker ?

Ans. Condoms

Q9. Which Indian company accounts for 14.7 % of India’s exports ?

Ans. Reliance Industries Limited

Q10. Where has the SHUT Clinic ( Society for Healthy Use of Technology), India’s first Internet de-addiction centre been set up ?

Ans. Bangalore

Q 11. The ‘Kaan Khajura Tesan’ has received a gold in the Cannes Lions 2014. What is the concept and who owns this ?

Ans. It is a radio station on the mobile phone in Bihar and Jharkhand where music and other content is played free for 15 mins. These have ads too. HUL is the company

Q 12. The medical electronics major Medtronic has acquired Covidian for over 40 Bn $. One reason is lower tax rates in that country. Which country ?

Ans. Ireland

Q 13. Which Indian company is behind the GenZe brand of electric scooters to be launched in US this year ?









Ans. Mahindra

Q 14. Why is the spray introduced recently in World Cup called 9:15 FairPlay ?








Ans. This is a vanishing spray used by the referees to mark the distance of 10 yards, which is 9.15 metres..

Q 15. What is unique about this soon to be launched Harley Davidson model ?









Ans. First electric bike from Harley

Q 16. What does this map of USA portray ?

US cos map






Ans.  The map depicts the largest company in the state in terms of revenue

Q 17. What is special about these Lego toys ?

Lego toys











Ans. Lego employees’ business card

Q 18. This is a display by the Customs at Kozhikode airport. What are they displaying ?







Ans. They are displaying the nail cutters made of gold which were smuggled.

Q 19. Identify this picture. Year 1908.













Q 20. What popular event these days was pioneered in India by this brand as a sponsor way back in 1982 ?






Ans. India Open Marathon in Delhi

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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