Weekly Business Quiz # 148

Q 1. How did the Nokia company get its name ?

Ans. From the Finnish river Nokiavirta

Q2. Who has been recently appointed as the chief economist of World bank ?

Ans. Prof Kaushik Basu 

Q3. What is the name givn to RBI project to identify fake currency ?

Ans. Paisa Bolta Hai

Q4. Name the Zurich based consultancy acquired by Infosys recently for 350 mn $,

Ans. Lodestone 

Q5. What was the professional qualification acquired by Verghese Kurien before he became a milkman.

Ans. Mechanical engineer.

Q6. Which university has beaten Cambridge University to become the top university in QS university rankings for 2011-12 ?

Ans. MIT 

Q7. In the long haul flights Air Asia has designated seven rows as “quiet zone” . Why is the zone quiet ?

Ans. No tickets are issued to children below the age of 12 in these rows 

Q8. After the resignation of TMC leader Mukul Roy over FDI in retail issue, who is the new Minister of Railways ?

Ans. CP Joshi 

Q9. Saina Nehwal has signed the biggest contract for a non-cricketer. Who is managing her endorsements ?

Ans. Rhiti sports management 

Q10. Asian heart institute in Mumbai has been given the permission to implant artificial heart in patients. What is its price ?

Ans. Rs 1 crore 

Q11. In managerial decision making what is confirmation bias ?

Ans. Seeking info that supports the argument and discount the info that does not 

Q 12. What is the new name of the brokerage firm Morgan Stanley Smith Barney ?

Ans. Morgan Stanley Wealth Management after MS inc its stake to 65 %  

There were no posts during the last two weeks. My sincere apologies.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


One comment

  1. Nokia Corp. got it s name after the town Nokia where the river Nokiavirta flows. Nokia intially was a paper pulp mill.


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