Weekly Business Quiz #149


Q1. 30 years ago which was the first commercially released audio CD? 
Ans. 52nd street by Billy Joel
Q2. How many towns in India have a population greater than 1 million ? 
Ans. 53
Q3. Name this executive who after leading ABB, Volvo and Power Divn of L & T is joining JSPL as its MD & CEO.
Ans. Ravi Uppal
Q4. In Japan what is a ‘kozukai’ ?
Ans. An allowance given by wife to husband for his expenses
Q5.What is a ‘desk derriere” ? 
Ans. Atrophy of buttocks muscles due to sitting excessively at the desk
Q6. Which new Tata co has a young 33 year old woman CEO ?
Ans.  Tata Starbucks – Avani Sanglani Davda
Q7. Name this India’s leading designer leather bags brand which is the largest employer in Puducherry…
Ans. Hidesign
Q8. When govt is planning to open up FDI, which foreign retail chain’s stake in Infiniti Retail  is being bought out by Tatas ?
Ans. Woolworths
Q9. On the European central bank website what is €conomia ? 
Ans. A game that teaches the basics of EU monetary policy
Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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