Weekly Business Quiz # 132

Q1. In which Stock Exchange will Formula One will soon be listed ?

Ans. Singapore

Q2. Which Tech major has launched a new social platform called so.cl ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q3. Name the apex agency in India that gives products Halal certification.

Ans.  Halal India

Q4. As per Jeff Bezos ” __________ of the 100 top titles in Kindle today are self published”? Fill in the blank

Ans. 16

Q5. As per AAI, India has how many airports and airstrips incl many of the WW -II era ?

Ans.  456

Q6. Why is Priscilla Chan in the news ?

Ans. She married FB founder Mark Zuckerberg recently

Q7. Zuckerberg delayed taking FB public until he had no choice. What was the regulatory compulsion ?

Ans.  Publishing quarterly results for over 500 private investors

Q8. Which. Law states that “for any group of size n, the number of Subgroups that can be assembled is 2 ^ n.?

Ans.  Reed’s law

Q9. Connect the following Between, Path, Familyleaf, Storytree …

Ans. New online social networks which promote private interactions

Q10. Connect the Mumbai non-profit Millennium Mams with Warren Buffett.

Ans. 16 ladies from this NGO went to Omaha to listen to Buffett’s AGM speech of Berkshire Hathaway

Q11. Which Hollywood celebrity has taken Punjab actor Varinder Singh Ghumman as the brand ambassador for his products ?

Ans. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Q12. Which group has acquired a 27 % stake in Living Media , the co that publishes India Today ?

Ans.  Aditya Birla group

Q13. Starbucks invites its rivals to Coffee cup Summit at MIT. What do they discuss in that summit ?

Ans. Disposal of paper cups

Q14. Which co as a part of its sustainability initiatives has devised a calculator for calculating the carbon footprint of every package ?

Ans. UPS

Q15. As per the new TRAI guidelines, max how many minutes of advertising time is allowed per hour of TV broadcast ?

Ans.  12 mins per hour

Q16. Which Indian group has acquired the US based health information co Decision Resources for Us $ 635 mn ?

Ans.  Piramal

Q17. As per the Economist, which is the busiest airline route in the world for the year 2011 ?

Ans. Between Seoul and Jeju in South Korea

Q18. Which co had a nuclear reactor in their office building in New York for 30 years ?

Ans. Kodak

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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