Weekly Business Quiz # 131

Q1. On what issue the Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson had to quit ?

Ans.  Inaccurate information given in CV

Q2. Which brand took advertising into outer space in the year 2001 when a Russian rocket had its big logo painted on it ?

Ans.  Pizza hut

Q3. Name the hair dresser who pioneered the ‘ Bob cut’

Ans.  Vidal Sassoon

Q4. What is the meaning of the term seigniorage in public finance ?

Ans.  The difference between the value of money and the cost to produce it

Q5. Which type of biscuits are very popular from Kayani bakery of Pune ?

Ans.  Shrewsbury biscuits

Q6. What unique feedback does the hybrid car Honda Insight provides to Its drivers ?

Ans.  Mileage based on the way they’re driving

Q7. What is the real name of the JP Morgan trader labelled London whale who has caused a 2 bn $ trading loss ?

Ans.  Bruno Iskil

Q8. After it’s split with TATA Motors where has Fiat started it’s first independent dealership ?

Ans.  Hyderabad

Q9. Which MNC seed co is in the eye of the storm between Hindu and TOI started by a P Sainath article ?

Ans. Monsanto

Q10. Who are the Partners of Dunkin Donuts in India ?

Ans.  Jubilant Foodworks

Q11. How many failures did Rovio have before they hit pay dirt with Angry Birds ?

Ans.  51 failures

Q12. What or who is a “brogrammer” in silicon valley speak ?

Ans.  A programmer who breaks the usual expectations of quiet nerdiness and calls everyone else a ‘bro’. Made famous in the movie The Social Network.

-Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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