Weekly Business Quiz # 479

Weekly business quiz on the trending business topics of the week.


Q 1. Vineet Nayyar, VC of IL&FS said ” I worked for X for about 10 years after X went bust. Even there, there were far better controls than I have seen here (IL&FS). In fact, X was in many ways a very very well managed company as compared to here.” What is X?

Ans. Satyam

Q 2. PMC Bank a scheduled bank from Mumbai has been put on alert by RBI, allowing depositors to withdraw only Rs 1000 from each account. It has stopped all lending. What does PMC stand for?

Ans. Punjab and Maharashtra Commercial Bank

Q 3. On a PMC depositor’s suicide threat FM said “I appeal to you not to mention/speak/write of such extreme things. Multi-state ___ ___ do not come under the Ministry of Finance, even if they are called banks. RBI is their regulator and they are taking action. Fill in the blanks

Ans. Co-operative Institutions

Q 4. A single account turning into NPA has brought PMC Bank to such a pass. Name the loan account that has become a total loss of Rs 2500 crore as per RBI

Ans. HDIL – Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd

Q 5. ISRO Chief has announced that ISRO will be able to demonstrate ‘docking’ capabilities next year. What is ‘docking’ in space technology?

Ans. Ability to transfer material between two space objects in space

Q 6. Which international IT company has two big operating divisions in India, Netmagic and Dimension Data?

Ans. NTT Corporation

Q 7. Which state in line with their phased implementation of Prohibition policy has only govt outlets selling liquor from October 1, i.e today?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q8. After selling which brand to Emami is Sanjeev Juneja of Divisa Herbal Care betting big on ayurvedic brands like Dr Ortho, Roop Mantra and Pet Saffa?

Ans. Kesh King

Q 9. What is the name given to the Mini-SUV launched by Maruti Suzuki which is priced to compete with the entry-level hatchback below Rs 4 lakh?

Ans. S-Presso

Q 10. Which old private bank has been put under Prompt Corrective Action by RBI?

Ans. Lakshmi Vilas Bank

Q 11. Which popular drug used in many formulations like Zantac for anti-acidity is under attack by the US FDA for having carcinogenic substances?

Ans. Ranitidine

Q 12. Who is the grandfather of the businessman Kumar Mangalam Birla?

Ans. Basant Kumar Birla

Q 13. As per the latest released IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich list, the number of Indians having a net worth of Rs 1000 cr and above has grown from 831 to 953. The combined wealth of this 953 is equal to what % of India’s GDP

Ans. 27 %

Q 14. Which Indian company has been ranked #3 in the World’s Most Regarded Companies list by Forbes?

Ans. Infosys Ltd

Q 15. The Economic Advisory Council of PM has been reconstituted for 2 years. Among the following, who are all members of the EAC-PM, who is the Chairman?

Ans. BibekDebroy

Q 16. The owner of Britannia & Co passed away last evening, causing a pall of gloom among Mumbaikars and others. What was Britannia &Co?

Ans. An Irani cafe

Q 17. Who owns the packaged drinking water brand ‘Rail Neer’?

Ans. IRCTC Ltd

Q 18. Who is the newly appointed Chairman of Association of Mutual Funds of India?

Ans. Nilesh Shah of Axis MF


Q 19. Identify this couple who are in the news …
Ans. Co-Founder of WeWork Adam Neumann and his wife Rebekah Paltrow Neumann.

Q 20. Which company has started for the first time ‘Apply Thru’ a voice induced job application process using Alexa?

Ans. McDonald’s

Q 21. In what on-demand service was the start-up WAG in? It started in 2015 and had received 300 Mn $ from SoftBank.

Ans. Dog-walking

Q 22. ‘You never actually own a _______ You merely look after it for the next generation’ ought to be one of the best baselines. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Patek Philippe

Q 23. Who is the unusual owner of the store in a US mall named Modern Retail Collective and debuts with four brands: beauty labels Elevé Cosmetics and Type: A Deodorant, jewellery company Kendra Scott and lingerie maker ThirdLove?

Ans. McKinsey

Q 24. “The use of animals in food production is by far the most destructive technology on earth. We see our mission as the last chance to save the planet from environmental catastrophe.” Which American co wants to replace all meat in the world by 2035?

Ans. Impossible Foods

Q 25. Bloomberg has a new wealth number that ranges from -2 to 11. Based on this they have an estimated number of people across the world in each number. How is this number computed?

Ans. Net Worth reduced to Scientific Notation – Power of 10 e.g $100 billion =11 & $0.01 =-2.

Q 26. Identify the two men in this picture and what was their fight about in the late 19th century

current wars

Ans. Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla, the fight was called the current wars, DC vs AC

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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