The online business quiz presented by SBM Bank India in association with IBQ.

Your favourite India Business Quiz has hosted Qreeocity, our first online business quiz in association with SBM Bank India. We thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the event and making it a grand success!

All participants will receive exclusive discount vouchers from MoneyControl Pro.

On the popular demand from the participants, we decided to reveal the questions and answers through this post.


One of the first firms was Arthur D. Little Inc. It was founded as a partnership. What professional services did they provide ? – Management Consulting

Rajan Anandan the former India Google Chief and now an Angel Investor with Sequoia Capital has a phrase for those startups whose valuation crosses Rs 1000 crores. If a billion $ startup  is a Unicorn what is a 1000cr start up called ? – Indicorn

Which is the first soap brand from an Indian FMCG company to cross the Rs 2000 crore sale mark in a year ? – Santoor

Why have Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney , Elton John and some others decided to boycott luxury  hotels owned by Sultan of Brunei? – Brunei’s decision to implement Sharia laws that has death penalty for gay sex and is anti LGBT 

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett spent a shift working together in a fast food joint. Where did they work ? – Dairy Queen

IL& FS has been in the news since last year. What does L in IL& FS stand for? – Leasing

Among the following American social media sites which is NOT blocked in China? – LinkedIn

Which company is India’s largest silver producer and world’s ninth largest silver producer? – Hindustan Zinc

The 4 engineers shown here are the recipients of this year’s Queen Elizabeth Prize for engineering. Which system that we are using almost everyday did they develop? – Global Positioning System ( GPS)

Identify this Business leader who was also known as the Evergreen Tea man of India. He passed away recently. – Brij Mohan Khaitan

Which bank’s net banking service is SIB Mirror? – South Indian Bank

The only international airline that has flown in its original name for a century. Which airline will celebrate its 100th anniversary this October 7th? – KLM

 Shown here is Gandhi with Kale. Identify the brand. – Kirloskar

Identify the high flying Asian entrepreneur (seated extreme left) from his Epsom college hockey playing XI picture from 1981. – Tony Fernandez

Connect: Andy Rubin

FreeWill Sports Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1934 in Sialkot by Nihal Chand Kharbanda. In 1962, Vijay Kharbanda joined his father in business and set up ________ Sports. The 1947 partition of the country saw the company shift its base from Sialkot to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Meerut finally settling in Jalandhar. What famous Indian sports goods manufacturing company did they start? – Nivia

Identify the brand. – CocaCola’s Minute Maid

A jewellery brand is jumbled here QANSHIT. – Tanishq

Identify the famous university from the list of Nobel Prize of Economics winners? – University of Chicago 

Which is the first foreign institution to set up a universal banking  business through a wholly Owned Subsidiary route? – SBM Bank of India

 Some questions in the matching format:

These are photographs of the business leaders from various tech companies of USA. Match the Business Leader to the company he leads.

Tim Cook of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Sundar Pichai of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Satya Nadella of Microsoft

Have you noticed that the back sides of currency notes has Motifs. Each denomination has a different motif. Match the motifs with the monument or other place from which they were taken

Red Fort, Konark Sun Temple, Hampi Stone Chariot, Sanchi Stupa

Logos? – Mitsubishi, Maserati, Ferrari, Maybach, and Mazda.

Match the renowned management thinkers with the management theory or concept they are closely identified with. They may have done other work also but the concept is closely linked to only person mentioned in this list. Match the concept to the thinker 

  • Lateral thinking – Edward De Bono
  • Total Quality Management – Edward D Deming
  • Management by objectives – Peter Drucker
  • Manager’s Roles – Henry Mintzberg
  • Scientific Management – Frederick W. Taylor

The quiz started on the dot at 10.00 PM on 4th October. The participants logged in and answered 25 questions in 15 minutes. At the end of the quiz, these are the Top 10. So closely fought, there were several participants with the same points.

The Cash Prizes for all the Winners are sponsored by our partner SBM Bank India.

SBM Bank India is a Scheduled Commercial Bank to have obtained the license from the Reserve Bank of India in December 2018. Present across the top six metropolitan cities of the country, SBM Bank India believes in promoting excellence and is happy to support this initiative by IndiaBusinessQuiz.


Stay tuned, more such quiz in the pipeline!

Quiz compiled by Team IBQ. You wish you know about all the team members! Your mission should you choose to accept it!


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