US Monthly Quiz – Sept 2019

Q 1. Donald Trump has suggested that the next G-7 summit which US will host next year can be held in a venue which is great. This venue has caused a controversy of sorts. What is the venue suggested ?

Ans.  Trump National Doral Miami Golf Resort

Q 2. Which popular porn site displays its social side by taking up environmental causes and linking it to more traffic on their site ? Earlier it planted trees, preserved honeybee and now promises to clean up sea beaches.

Ans. PornHub

Q 3. Which company owns these apparel brands globally?

PVH Brands

Ans. PVH Brands

Q 4. JP Morgan has come out with an index that measures the impact of Donald Trump’s tweets to the volatility in the bond market. What is it called?

Ans. Volfefe Index, a Portmanteau of Volatility and Covfefe

Q5. Hasbro has come out with a new variant of Monopoly which supposedly empowers women by paying female players more than men, what is this variant called ?

Ans. Ms Monopoly

Q6. The drumroll played during the 20th Century Fox intro ; Intel’s iconic “bong” anthem Even notification alerts—such as those from Samsung, Google and Apple—can easily be associated with the brands they’re meant to represent. What are such brand properties called ?

Ans. Sonic Logo

Q7. American Express  has launched a new version of its Green Card. How does this help reducing plastics ?

Ans. The Amex Green Card is made primarily from reclaimed Plastics collected from beaches, Islands and Coastal Communities. It reduces Marine Plastic Pollution. Amex is also a part of the Global Campaign #BackOurOceans with Parley.

Q8. We dedicate this to the energy of we — greater than any of us, but inside each of us.”  Prospectus of which controversial IPO now in the news starts with this epigraph ?

Ans. WeWork

Q9. Which global major has announced that they have made huge investments in renewable energy thus making their gen capacity to 5500 MW , eqvt to a million solar tops and enough to provide electricity for a city like Washington DC ?

Ans. Google

Q 10. If you wake up on a X mattress, hail Y to get to your desk at Z, use DoorDash to order lunch, and get an Uber home, you’ve spent the day interacting with companies that will collectively lose nearly $13 billion this year. What are X,Y and Z ?  

Ans. X-Casper, Y – Lyft , Z is WeWork

Q 11. Who owns the Nature Valley brand popular for its granola bars ?

Nature Valley

Ans. General Mills

Q 12. This is an electric pick up truck from Rivian…Who is backing this startup , which makes it a big threat to other auto majors ?



Q 13. Identify this MIT Professor…He created a company and a brand that is global and widely respected .

Ans. Amar Bose of Bose Corporation

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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