Weekly Business Quiz # 477


Q 1. After selling the controlling stake by DHFL in DHFL Pramerica Aseet Managers, what is the new name for the mutual fund ?

Ans. Prudential Global Investment Managers ( PGIM) Mutual Fund

Q 2. On this day in 1959, using equipment donated to All India Radio by Philips, X started off its journey. Programmes for an hour, twice a week and just for Lutyens’ Delhi. What is X ?

Ans. Doordarshan

Q 3. Name this business leader and the MNC where he has taken over as the MD from July this year


Ans. Ram Raghavan, Colgate Palmolive

Q 4. Name the well known music composer of yesteryears , who composed thousands of jingles including this iconic one for Liril in the 1980s. He has fallen on bad times now.

Ans. Vanraj Bhatia

Q 5. On the birthday of Sir M Visveswarayya , Engineers Day is celebrated on September 15th. His contribution to industrialisation was immense. In 1923, he set up a pig iron plant in Karnataka to convert the rich iron ore deposits. It is now named after him. Where is the plant located ?

Ans. Bhadravati in Shimoga district. It is called Viswsvarayya Iron and Steel Limited . It is a unit of SAIL

Q6. B N Yugandhar, IAS ( Retd) has passed away. He was the top bureaucrat in the rural development ministry during the Narasimha Rao govt and also in the PMO.  This left- leaning bureaucrat has a son who has made it big in the capitalist world. Who is his well known son ? Yugandhar Sir RIP

Ans. Satya Nadella of Microsoft

Q7. Which NBFC that funds real estate companies and had Naina Lal Kidwai as its Chairperson until recently has defaulted in its interest payments on September 12th ?

Ans. Altico Capital

Q8. KKR is buying controlling stake in a pre-school chain in a nearly 2000 crore deal. Which national chain ?

Ans. Eurokids

Q9. Gifts received by PM Modi would be displayed at NGMA and auctioned online through a site developed by NIC. The reserve prices have been fixed by experts ranging from 200 to 2.5 lakh. Who will be receiving the proceeds of this auction ?

Ans. Namami Gange project


Q 10. Which exchange has made a bid for the London Stock Exchange ?

Ans. HongKong stock exchange

Q 11. Hasbro has come out with a new variant of Monopoly which supposedly empowers women by paying female players more than men, what is this variant called ?

Ans. Ms Monopoly

Q 12. Which major European city has now embarked on a trial scheme to exchange plastic bottles for metro rides ? One plastic bottle gets 5 Euro-cents.

Ans. Rome, Italy

Q 13. Programmers day was celebrated on 13th September this year. Next year it will be celebrated on 12th September. Why the change in date and how the dates are chosen ?

Ans. It is celebrated on the 256th day of the year. This changes based on whether it is  Leap year or not. 256 is largest  8 bit numbers are able to represent 256 (2^8) distinct values, enough for all characters of English and quite a few extra ones.

Q 14. The drumroll played during the 20th Century Fox intro ; Intel’s iconic “bong” anthem Even notification alerts—such as those from Samsung, Google and Apple—can easily be associated with the brands they’re meant to represent. What are such brand properties called ?

Ans. Sonic Logo

Q 15. What inert gas is filled in the balloons because it is light ? The prices of balloons filled with this gas has doubled in the last year, thanks to a global shortage. This gas has many applications in space, medicine, deep sea diving etc


Ans. Helium

Q 16. American Express  has launched a new version of its Green Card. How does this help reducing plastics ?

The American Express Green Card


Ans. The Amex Green Card is made primarily from reclaimed Plastics collected from beaches, Islands and Coastal Communities. It reduces Marine Plastic Pollution. Amex is also a part of the Global Campaign #BackOurOceans with Parley.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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