Crucible Diaries | Visakhapatnam(Corporate) 2019

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Who provided steel for the construction of Bogibeel Rail bridge? – SAIL.


Which sport gets its name from ‘anything thick and squat’ started over a bridge at Kuwaru River? – Bungee Jumping

Who is the second only to Thomas Edison in the number of patents? – Edwin H. Land (Polaroid Founder)

What was developed by Alexander Rittweger, a business consultant conducting a strategic project for Deutsche Lufthansa? The project involved consultations of the Lufthansa Miles and More programme. – Payback.

Which beach in India is the first to receive the blue flag certification? –  Chandrabhaga beach on Konark coast in Odisha.

A question about Being Human Foundation.

 Old Logo of Columbia Pictures shown.

Aheda Janetti

Aheda Zanetti is the designer of? – Burkini.

Suresh Chandra Dey is the founder of which company at Jamshedpur? – Sree Leathers.

Uncle chips

Logo of? – Uncle Chips.


Logo of? – Chipotle.

Logo of? – Dabur Foundation Logo.


Who owns UMANG? – GOI.

State animal, bird, and flower of AP are shown.

Founders of? – Quora.

Founder of? – Zandu.

Pictures related to Banana Republic shown.

Founder of? Oppo and Vivo- Tony Chen

Shark Tank was inspired from Dragon’s Then


Image result for charles cretors

What did he create in 1890s? – Popcorn making machine

Image result for disney legend award

Disney Legend Awards

It is well known that the 1 rupee note is issued by the GOI and therefore carries the secretary, MoF’s signature on it. However, the rupee note differs from other notes in another significant respect, what? – The statement saying that “Has to be paid to the bearer” will not be there.

It derived its name after bakery manager Jimmy Dewar saw an advertisement for the Twinkle Toe Show Company on a trip to St. Louis in the 1920s. – Twinkies

And one more picture connect – Hard Rock Cafe

Connect – Microsoft

Connect on Times Of India – Dineout, GradeUp, and 2 other visuals

Sherton Hotels, and two other visuals connect – ITC

It was established in 1947 when 17 British Provident associations joined together to provide healthcare for the general public. Over the years , it has diversified away from its core health insurance business and is now an international healthcare company with services that include travel insurance, health insurance, care homes, health assessments, occupational health services and hospitals. name the company. – BUPA.

Image result for India Health fund

A Tata Trusts Initiative

The Jay Treaty in 1794, which sought to settle outstanding issues between the 2 countries. It was in many ways a precursor to something which now occupies a very important place in the International economic alliances between two nations. What are we talking about? – Supply Demand Curve

In mid-1980, Friedheim Hillebrand the chairman of the Special Mobile Group at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute(ETSI) sat alone in his room in German and started typing random sentences. He did this for a long time and later analysed the average length of sentences. What did Hilebrand find as the average length of sentences and how did he use this number? – 140 characters

Image result for sealed air corporation

Bubble Wrap

Image result for arcelik group logo

JV with Tata company – Voltas Beko

Image result for altadis

What do they make? – Cigars

In 1982, they formed US Games, a company that created games for Atari 2600. It went out of business after one year. In 1969, they acquired Fisher-Price, a toy company and spun it off in 1991. In the 1970s, the company financed the making of the film willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. name the company. – Quaker

Image result for Clockwork Orange

First movie to feature Dolby Sound system

6 Italian brothers five of them were obsessed with automobiles – Maesarati

Kabiraj Shivakali Bhattacharya is a famous name in the world of oils – Navratna oil

It’s a 2-word phrase now being adopted by the UN as much as equality etc… This is about equality of internet traffic? – Net neutrality

The four basic factors of production in the world with a 4th being defined by the French-derived term – land, labour, capital, entrepreneurship

Connect – KL Rahul, Umesh Yadav, ShabhadhConnect – KL Rahul, Umesh Yadav, Deepak Huda – RBI

Picture of the person who gave Taste the Thunder Tagline shown.

Questions from the Visakhapatnam round of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz were shared by Sanjay


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