Crucible Diaries | Hyderabad(Corporate) 2019

Your Crucible Repository


Chemistry with conscience is the tag line of which company? – Tata Chemicals

Dwitt Wallace

Founders of The Reader’s Digest

founder of logo

Piyush Khambatta heads which company? – Rasna

brussels air logo

Identify the airline? – Brussels Air

Andy Rubin

What did Andy Rubin create? – Android

Industrial Lights and Magic is created by? – George Lucas

Pitts Building – HQ of Cambridge University Press

rotary club

By Rotary Club

Ruth Kedar designed Google logo

christian dio

Christian Dior

Logo of? – Nutrine

What was shot here, which served as the first content uploaded on the site? – Me at Zoo, Youtube

Logo? – IBM Watson

Amazon Old logo

Evolution of Harley Davidson logo

What did Tom Freston create? – MTV

brussels air logo

Logo of? – Brussels Air

Identify legal luminary? – NR Madhava Menon

Pitts Building – HQ of Cambridge University Press

A question of Ashiyana by Asian Paints


AWS job offer on tinder

AWS job offer on tinder

Through the medieval period, it was considered as the fine spice, but the technological improvements and the new world fuel sources began turning it into a bulk commodity. Indians discovered how to process it during the Gupta dynasty, around 350 AD. What are we talking about? – Sugar

Which industry shifted its base from Kolkata to Rajahmundry in 1936 and then to Chennai finally establishing its presence in Hyderabad in the 1990s? – Telugu Film Industry

‘One Page Memo Format” has been in use since the 70’s. Basically, every communication had to fit on one page and followed a fixed five-step format. In sales and marketing, they used something called the Five-step persuasive selling format(PSF) for all their sales. Name the company

Astalif by? – Fujifilm

When Ottomans occupied Yemen in 1536, they tried to maintain a monopoly on the production of this, by banning the export. However, seeds were smuggled out by the intrepid traders: first by Muslim pilgrims headed to southern India and later to Indonesia, by the Dutch who cultivated it for export. What are we talking about? – Coffee

Connect: Apple

Connect: Winston Churchill

Indian Bank founder

It is an American based media, data and marketing services and venture capital organization. the used to own a book publishing division that was famous for popular self-help “…For Dummies” books. The series is now published by Jhon Wiley & Sons. Name the group. – IDG Books

This model was introduced by Jack treynor, William Sharpe, John Lintner and Jan Mossin independently building on the earlier work of Harry Markowitz on diversification and modern portfolio theory. Sharpe received the Nobel Memorial prize in Economics for this contribution to the field of financial economics.

Image result for vistara sanitary napkins

First airline in India to provide sanitary napkins

Cocacola was introduced in India in 1949. Soon they took this company to court. Which Indian Company was forced to change its name after a village? – Parle

Identify? – Vikas Swaroop

Striding Man Society – Johnnie Walker

A question on Pilo Mody’s statement about JRD Tata paying excess taxes.

A connect on the brands that reached Everest

A connect on Western union. (Old logo, Founder, and a telegram delivery cycle)


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