Weekly Business Quiz # 475


Q 1. Oberoi may name their first urban resort in BKC, Mumbai as Oberoi Anantvilas…Why Anant and what is the connection ?

Ans. Named after Mukesh Ambani younger son Anant.. Reliance has a stake in Oberoi Group and this hotel is coming up in a Relience property

Q 2. Which designer has a range of crockery named ‘Chidambaram’ ?


Ans. Ritu Kumar

Q 3. Which brand has come under a lot of flak on social media because of this ad released on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi ?


Ans. Brooke Bond Red Label

Q4. Identify this industrialist. Forbes calls him India’s newest billionaire thanks to his 74 % stake in a fast growing chemicals company. Name the company also that is named after his daughter who runs the company now.



Ans. Vinod Saraf , Vinati Organics

Q 5. Which govt body got a new logo shown here that was unveiled yesterday ?
ImageAns. Central Board of Film Certification

Q 6. Which city in Tamil Nadu having a tradition of making hand made locks and has

over 5000 small units making locks got GI tag recently ?


Ans. Dindigul

Q7. Which business news television channel has suspended transmission since 31st August 2019 ? It may reappear in some other form.


Q 8. The snake boat race in Kerala backwaters is a popular spectator sport during monsoons. Kerala has started a league where 9 snake boat teams compete with each other in 12 locations, one race every Saturday. What is this league called ?

Ans. Champions Boat League

Q 9. The book and the author. Name the author and the digital agency he founded.
Ans. Sidharth Rao, Web Chutney now Dentsu Web Chutney
Q 10. Name this Indian industrialist. Born in Moolaipozhi in Tamil Nadu to a Judge father and mother who came from family that owns Dina Thanthi. He went to PSG College of Technology Coimbatore for engineering. His first job was with Walchandnagar Industries. He later joined DCM.  

Along with five colleagues and friends he started a company in a garage to marufacture and market calculators. Later entered PCs and other hardware. This billionaire now owns big stake in a global IT services co. Now also a big philanthropist in education. Name him.

Ans. Shiv Nadar of HCL Technologies

Q 11. Which Indian oil major has decided to set up a 1 GW battery plant for making batteries for electric vehicles in partnership with a global co ?

Ans. IndianOil Corp

Q 12. Which stock has replaced India Bulls Housing Finance in the Nifty 50 Index ?
Ans. Nestle India

Q 13. Govt of India has websites where all the investment opportunities across sectors in India are showcased for potential investors . What are these site called ?

Ans. Indiainvestmentgrid.com and investindia.gov.in

Q 14. As per the newly announced FDI policy, what is the upper limit for foreign investment in digital media ?

Ans. 26 %

Q 15. HUL has launched a premium product under the new Love and Care brand. What category have they launched this brand in India in ?

Ans. Detergent

Q 16. Who employs Manasi Joshi the Para badminton Gold medal winner at the Basel world championships ?



Q 17. Where has Google decided to shift its production plant for Pixel phones from China to ?

Ans. Vietnam

Q 18. Which two Japanese auto majors who already cross badge models have entered into a capital alliance by investing in each other’s companies ?

Ans. Toyota and Suzuki

Q 19. Can you identify the 4 richest billionaires in this photo ? 

Gates and others

Ans. Amancio Ortega, Carlos Slim Helu, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

Q 20. Name this scientist who worked on Germanium in Bell Labs often clandestinely in the 1940s hiding from the semi conductor team of William Shockley and later came up with the chemistry of transistors. His inventions became public at Texas Instruments.

Ans. Gordon Teal

 Q21. BMW has produced an X6 model car which has been painted Vanta Black. This car will be on display at Frankfurt motor show this September. What is special about the colour Vanta Black ?



Q 22. Donald Trump has suggested that the next G-7 summit which US will host next year can be held in a venue which is great. This venue has caused a controversy of sorts. What is the venue suggested ?

Ans.  Trump National Doral Miami Golf Resort

Q 23. Which popular porn site displays its social side by taking up environmental causes and linking it to more traffic on their site ? Earlier it planted trees, preserved honeybee and now promises to clean up sea beaches.

Ans. PornHub

Q 24. For a time Ivrea was the most progressive and successful company town in the world, representing a new and short-lived kind of corporate idealism..Ivrea on the outskirts of Turin in Italy is almost a ghost town today. Which company was operating here ?

Ans. Olivetii

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 


  1. Wows! Opening the blog for the first time in several weeks. A lot of change. Loving it. Keep up the good work Mohan sir. Keep posting updates from crucible rounds sir, been missing those questions for long time.


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