Crucible Diaries | Bhubaneswar(Corporate) 2019

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The city was established in 1933, by Rai Bahadur Seth GujjarMal. With the setting up of his sugar factory here in 1933. Begaumabad village, which contributed about 571 acres (2.31 sq. km) of its area to the making of this town, is a much older place and is said to have been founded by Nawab Zafar Ali. It was named Begumabad by a lady of the royal family of Mughals in Delhi when this place passed into her hands.

Answer: Modinagar.

In Italian this sport is known as ‘Calico a 5’  also as Lazio. Its common name is of Spanish origin, and the name suggests that it is an indoor version of another sport. What are we talking about?

Answer: Futsal

Which Indian Company was named as the Global Slag Company of the year at the 14th Global Slag Conference and Exhibition 2019?

Answer: Tata Steel

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was established in the year 1968. It began as the ‘Tata Computer ……’, Whose main business was to provide computer services for other group companies.

Answer: Tata Computer Center

He began a cricket equipment business in Leamington Spa in 1850 and five years later opened a “Cricket and cigar” shop in the Coventry Street Near the Haymarket in central London, in partnership with Fred Lillywhite until 1858. He was also the cricket coach at the Harrow school from 1852 to 1855, and owned The Cricketers, a  public house at Duncton in Sussex.

Answer: John Wisden

This persons’s career started as the editor of the City Herald in Lahore. He later became a film producer in early 90’s and created something in India that that shattered all the records in advertising revenue.

Answer: BR Chopra

Paramjit Singh’s idea was to import a quilting machine from Korea and start a business around it. This machine had a particular with a lot of springs. He later imported it and started a company named on springs. Which company?

Answer: Springwell mattresses

A question on founding of Indian National Congress in 1885

During the World War II the regent street store in London was bombed five times. This company located on the street was give a second Royal Warrant by the Queen Elizabeth in 1955. Which company?

Answer: Hamley’s toy store

A handwritten letter was written to German philosopher Eric Goidkint in 1954. It was recently actioned by the Christie’s for 2.9mn USD. The letter contained words like “There is no god, no religion”. Who wrote this letter?

Answer: Albert Einestine

What was established on the pursuance of Jawahar Lal Nehru to gather funds in the aid of refugees from Pakistan, with Thakur Baidyanath Iyer and Company as its CA?

Answer: Prime Minister Relief Fund

Airbnb colour pallets

Who has locations around the world on these kind of coloraturas pallets?

Answer: Airbnb

Yash Birla

Identify? – Yash Birla

Apple Record by Beetles

Apple Records by the Beetles


Which company is involved in Foxcatcher, a 2014 sports drama?

Answer: Dupont

Shift Inside Nissan's historical revival by Carlos ghosn

Nissan was blanked out

Skylark drones

What first did Skylark Drones get approval for?

Answer: First to get approval for flying commercial drones from DGCA

Which fashion apparel derives its name from James Brudenell? – Cardigan

A connect on UC web browser and other Alibaba Subsidiaries and investments.

A connect question on G D Pharmaceuticals

Maggi Consomme

Maggi was blanked out

edelweiss founder rashesh shah

Rashesh Shah – Edelweisses Founder

mohan murjani

Mohan Murjani

A logical connect on the former employees of Tata Steel.

It is a painting by John Everett Millais was used in famous advertisement for pear’s soap. Name painting which was first named as ‘A Child’s World’ ?

Answer: Bubbles


Which city is said to have been founded by Karna, a key figure in the Mahabharata?

Answer: Karnal

What symbol was unveiled by the former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, in 2013, which was aimed to assure the customers of the concerned product’s genuineness and purity? The product is said to be synonymous with India’s freedom struggle, both as a symbol of self-reliance and a credible instrument for rejuvenation of the rural sector.

A. Khadi Mark

It was formed in 1920 with Lala Lajpat Rai as its first president. Though It is not Politically affiliated to any political party, itself is the third-largest Communist Party in India after CPI and CPI(M). Identify the organisation.


China alone accounts for 80% production of Allium sativum. India comes second with 5% market share. What is Allium sativum?

A. Garlic

Which West Indies’ player is the owner of the sports goods manufacturing company, Trident Sports?

A. Carlos Brathwaite

Master Vithal was with the Sharada Studios but broke his contract in order to work as the lead in Alam Ara. This resulted in Sharada filing a case against him for breach of contract. Which famous lawyer represented Master Vithal in the case?

A. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Which logistics company was founded by Subhasis Chakraborty and Tapasi Chakraborty?


Which country was the only one to object the provisions of ISO 3103 on the technical grounds, which states that the milk should go in first?

A. Ireland

What was invented by Robert Borkenstein with the Indiana State Police in 1954?

A. Breath analyser

Which country’s banknote is this?

taiwanese dollar

A. Taiwan

Hutchinson Whampoa, Jardine Matheson and Shaw Brothers Studio are companies headquartered at which city?

A. HongKong

This is the logo of which Kerala based bank?

federal bank logo

A. FederalBank

What was the outcome of the recommendation of the 22 member committee headed by NR Sarkar?

A. IITs were established

He is D Udaya Kumar. What is his contribution to India?

uday kumar rupee symbol

A. Indian rupee symbol

Which TATA company operates Indicash ATMs this?

A. Tata Communications

Kapil Dev was its first Brand Ambassador. Sachin Tendulkar became the brand ambassador in 1989, Sehwag in 2002 and MS Dhoni in 2008. Which brand is this?

A. Boost

Old logo of Gujarat Milk Federation/Amul was shown and asked to be identified

Amul Milk Old logo

Which food preparation was named after the 18th century British Earl, John Montagu?

A. Sandwich

Which aviation company’s logo is this?

Blue dart logo

A. BlueDart

Which language replaced Burmese in the Indian rupee banknotes in 1948?

A. Oriya/Odia

Questions from the Bhubaneswar round of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz were shared by Ankit Singh


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