Weekly Business Quiz – 469


Q 1. To encourage retail participation in the auction of G-Secs a quota has been kept for retail investors in their primary auctions. What % is reserved for this class of investors

Ans. 5 %

Q 2. Which business group with retail business is funding and supporting the startup seniority.in which is targeting the senior citizens with products and services?

Ans. RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

Q 3. On July 19, 2019, would mark 50 years of nationalization of banks. Which bank was the biggest at the time of nationalization in terms of largest deposits, largest advances, number of branches and profits? Its owners were given Rs 1750 cr at that time by govt 

Ans. Central Bank of India

Q 4. In the 1970s when mill made sarees were a rage, one brand was well known for its voiles. Name the brand


Ans. Khatau

Q 5. Match the handloom tradition to the state where it is most popular in …

1. Ikat 2. Paithani 3. Gadwal 4. Chanderi 5. Bandhej

A. Maharashtra B. Odisha C. Gujarat D. MP E. Telangana

Ans. 1 B, 2 A, 3 E,, 4 D, 5 C

Q6. With the acquisition of Innov8 which new segment of real estate/hospitality is OYO entering?

Ans. Co-working spaces

Q7. Which travel and other services website has tied up with Archaeological Survey of India to offer bookings for 116 historical monuments?

Ans. MakeMyTrip

Q 8. Which Indian mobile wallet company has launched Pay Pay in Japan? It has already enrolled 8 m members


Ans. PayTM

Q9. Indore’s Devi Ahilyabai Holkar airport became international with its first overseas flight yesterday. What was the destination?

Ans. Dubai


Q 10. ______ , the mathematician who helped Britain win World War Two with his code-cracking but committed suicide after being convicted for homosexuality, will appear on the Bank of England’s next 50-pound banknote, the BoE said on Monday. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Alan Turing


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