Weekly Business Quiz – 468

Q 1. In the fight between the two promoters of IndiGo, one of the promoters Rakesh Gangwal has compared the governance of the company to?

Ans. Paan ki Dukaan

Q 2. On what charges has the CFO of Future Group been arrested yesterday?

Ans. Custom duty violations in garment imports from Bangladesh

Q 3. Name this SBI MD who has been nominated as the CFO of World Bank


Ans. Anushula Kant

Q 4. What segment of financial services do apps like LendenClub, Money Loji, Early Salary address?

Ans. Short term loans  for salaried class customers who are changing jobs

Q 5. Which large Indian corporate has started a corporate ad campaign with the tag line ‘Sab Saath badhein’ ?

Ans. ITC

Q6. RBI recently in its report brought out that the affordability of residential property had worsened in the last 4 years based on a survey of 13 cities. How is the affordability ratio computed?

Ans. The median price of an average size house/ No of months of the median salary

Q 7. Which premium craft beer company has launched a mass-market beer brand BOOM strong?


Ans. Bira

Q 8. You just can’t stop at one…This tagline was used much before Lay’s in this vintage ad. Name the brand.

Ans. Rasna

Q9. Air Vistara has got permission to travel on international routes. Which two routes it is starting in August?

Ans. Delhi- Singapore, and Mumbai- Singapore

Q 10. July 11th is World Population Day. As per the UN in which year India is forecasted to become No 1 in terms of population, going past China?

Ans. 2030

Q 12. As per the Union Budget presented on July 5 who will be the regulator for Housing Finance Companies?

Ans. RBI


Q 13. X has been named as the new CEO of Y, a large consulting firm. What are X and Y?


Ans. X- Julie Sweet, Y- Accenture

Q 14. Name this eccentric American billionaire X who started life as IBM hardware salesman. He floated a software company Y that he sold to GM and joined their board. He later left and floated another company X systems, which he sold to Dell. He ran for US Presidency. Name X and Y. 

Ans. X- Ross Perot, Y- EDS

Q 15. Which city has decided to impose fines on owners of cars which are unkempt and kept in public parking places because it tarnishes the image of the city?

Ans. Dubai

Q 16. Arthur Laffer, an economist, drew a.curve on the back of a paper napkin to explain a simple concept called Laffer’s curve. This curve concerns

Ans. Tax collections at different taxation rates

Q 17. Globally, the amount of debt in the ‘negative yield’ zone is rising rapidly. Currently, it is about 13 TN $ out of the 55 Tn $. What is ‘negative yield’?

Ans. A negative bond yield is an unusual situation in which issuers of debt are paid to borrow. At the same time, depositors, or buyers of bonds, pay a cash flow instead of receiving interest income

Q 18. These symbols are often found at the back of packaging materials. These symbols are called RIC. Expand RIC. How do they help?


Ans. Resin Identification Code

Q 19. Forbes has come out with the highest paid celebrities list 2019. In this list, Akshay Kumar is #33. Who is No 1?

Ans. Taylor Swift

Q 20. What has Australian bookmaker Sportsbet done with the bets placed on New Zealand to win the CWC finals?

Ans. Returned the money

Q 21. Fernando ‘Corby’ Corbato. RIP. This MIT scientist invented something all computer users use it every day. What is it?

Ans. Passwords

Q 22. Which is the world’s largest selling beer by volume?

Ans. Snow beer from China

Q 23. Amazon has a private label for washing machines, air conditioners, and other white goods. What is it?

Ans. Amazon Basics

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