Weekly Business Quiz # 454


Q 1. Which company in the news now was started in 1964 as a retail store selling electric items in Mumbai by Late Thakurdas Jaisinghani in the name of Sind Electric Stores ?

Ans. Polycab Industries

Q 2. Hughes, Tatanet and now Bharti owned Indo Teleport have been given permission for IFMC services by Dept of Telecom. What is IFMC ?

Ans. Inflight and maritime connectivity

Q 3. What is the NPA levels reported by the new IL&FS board for IL&FS Financial Services at the end of Dec 2018 which was 5.3 % in March ’18?

Ans. 90 %

Q 4. How does Hyderabad based Maithri Aquatech propose to solve the drinking water problem with Meghdoot ?

Ans. Extracting water from atmospheric vapour

Q 5. What product is Kingfisher test marketing in Gujarat, a prohibition state ?

Ans. Kingfisher Radler – a non-alcojolic beverage

Q 6. Who has launched ‘Tipline’ a fact checking service ? The fact-checking service consists of a phone number (+91-9643-000-888) where users can send dubious messages if they think they might not be true or otherwise want them verified.

Ans. Whatsapp

Q7. In a recent investment conference Ratan Tata revealed a few things. Among the businesses he admires currently are tech companies Apple and Google . Prior to Google and Apple , he used to admire which company ?

Ans. Bose Corporation ( the speaker company)

Q8. Which major TV broadcaster has been given permission to launch 9 TV channels by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with names – BDM, Connected, Eco-Lution, Hawa Mahal, IMIX, My Tube, Pick-A-Trick, Story City, and Treble ?

Ans. Viacom TV 18

Q 10. The renowned Economist and member of PM Economic Advisory Council Dr. Bibek Debroy holds a Limca Record for an achievement quite far removed from being an Economist. What is his Limca Record ?

Ans. Translation of maximum number of sanskrit words into English..

Q 11. The BSE Sensex completed 40 years recently. One of the companies in the original Sensex continues to operate in India under a different name. This MNC got delisted. This co was called PEICO then, how do we know it today ? Why it was called PEICO and not itd well known brand name?

Ans. Philips India Ltd. It was called PIECO, short for Philips Electronics India Co because of the FERA rules prevalent in 1979 which asked MNCs to dilute stake

Q 12. Indian engineers going to US acquiring higher qualifications in engg or management and making it to top in US cos is not uncommon. But Indians going to US for UG and doing PG in US in engg and mgmt and returning to India to make it big in Indian engg cos is rare.Name this business leader who after stints in leading engg cos like GE, Cummins etc occupied the top job in Ashok Leyland and now has been selected as the CEO of Royal Enfield division of Eicher Motors. A good role model for reverse brain drain that will help Make in India possible 

Ans. Vinod Dasari

Q 13. Which brand is running a brand on women’s safety with the tagline ?


Ans. Hamam

Q 14. Identify this business leader.

Born in a Sri Lankan Tamil family. His father used to have the max no of Guinness Records at one point of time. This leader got his flying lessons in 15 years. He went on to get top degrees from MIT and Stanford. He joined McKinsey where he had a long stint. Later he moved to various American companies in India starting with Dell and then Microsoft. He is the South Asia and India head for Google. He has invested in several startups .This man who gets bored easily will leave Google. Sequoia India has reported that he is joining the leadership team as MD to mentor start ups under their Surge accelerator programme

Ans. Rajan Anandan

Q 15. Identify this former film star who acted opposite Jugal.Hansraj in Papa Kehte Hain and has recently taken over as Head of Google ‘s Agency business . Remember the song ‘Ghar se Nikalte hi’ , the basis for many a meme on Twitter


Ans. Mayuri Kango

Q 16. The Forever Bike a coffee table book by Adil Darukhanawala is a chronicle of which bike ?

Ans. Jawa

Q 17. From today April 1, the merged entity formed by the merger of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank will function under what name ?

Ans. Bank of Baroda

Q 18. Which management entrance B-School test acquired by GMAC in India will be taken to other South East Asian countries ?

Ans. National Management Admission test ( NMAT)

Q 19. Coca Cola is launching Indian drinks this summer , which of these is not included in this year’s launches

a. Aam Panna b. Lassi       c. Jal jeera    d. Gulab Sherbet

Ans. Gulab Sherbet

Q 20. Blueair Air Purifiers are being launched in India. Who owns this brand ?

Ans. Unilever

Q 21. Which hotel property in Aerocity , New Delhi has been attached by ED in a money laundering case involving lobbyist Deepak Talwar ?

Ans. Holiday Inn

Q 22. His family surname is Sheth but he does not use it. His signature does not have his current surname but his father’s name Shrenik. His sons Punit and Kulin however use it. He transformed his family business in textiles by entering denims in ’80s. Name this industrialist.

Ans. Sanjay Lalbhai of Arvind Ltd


Q 23. Who owns and operates Tianhong Yu’e Bao Fund and why it is such an important Mutual Fund ?

Ans. It is operated by Ant financial, an arm of Alibaba ..It is the biggest money market mutual fund ..It has a third of China invested in it with some 588 million investors investing their left over cash ( Yu’e bao means left over treasure )

Q 24. Forbes in partnership with True bridge comes out with an annual Midas List, every year. The 2019 list is the 18th one. The No 1 on this list just like last year is Neil Shen. What is the Midas List and who is Neil Shen ?

Ans. Midas List is the list of best Tech venture capitalists. Neil Shen is from Sequoia China & investor in Alibaba

Q 25. Why have Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney , Elton John and some others decided to boycott luxury hotels owned by Sultan of Brunei ?

Ans. Sultan of Brunei has implemented Sharia law in Brunei which has severe penalties for gay sex. hence Elton John and others are voicing their protest by a boycott.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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