Weekly Business Quiz # 452


Q 1. In the largest deal in the Indian hotels sector, Canadian firm Brookfield has bought four hotels and a land parcel from Leela for Rs 3950 crore. What Leela property is not included in the deal ?

Ans. Mumbai

Q 2. Who has Anil Ambani thanked for helping him out with the cash approx Rs 470 crore reqd to Be paid to Ericsson before March 19 or face jail as per a Supreme Court order ?

Ans. Mukesh and Nita Ambani

Q 3. I was born in Odisha. Studied pol. sc. at Utkal Univ. After working in various IT cos I became CEO, Global R &D at Wipro. I co-founded Mindtree. I have written books incl Go Kiss the World. I joined Odisha Govt. I have now left it to save Mindtree from a takeover. Who am I ?


Ans. Subroto Bagchi

Q 4.  In mutual funds in India, which schemes have the lowest expense ratios ?

A. Direct   B. ETFs    C. Regular

Ans. B. ETFs usually below 0.5 %

Q5. Manohar Parrikar , the Goa Chief Minister passed away yesterday. RIP. He was the first IITian to become a CM. Where and what course did he do ?

Ans. IIT Bombay, Metallurgy

Q6. I was born in Kolkata. Grew up in Delhi. I studied History and later Law. I am married to a Punjabi yet love my Posto and do gymming to Rabindra Sangeet. After building India’s leading low cost carrier, I will now be building a global hotel brand. Who am I ?


Ans. Aditya Ghosh, who was earlier CEO of IndiGo and now of Oyo

Q7. Name this New York based Private Equity fund that was a very early investor in Flipkart. It has also invested in Ola, Delhivery, Grocers, ShopClues and Quikr.

Ans. Tiger Global Fund ..now in the news because of the exit of Lee Fixel

Q8. Mahindra has supplied Marksman vehicles to CISF. What is special about these vehicles ?


Ans. 1st armoured capsule, bulletproof vehicle

Q9. What chemical ingredient that was once considered a USP in Pepsodent toothpaste, is now being removed from all toothpastes and soaps as per US FDA guidelines ?

Ans. Triclosan

Q 10. Which Indian company joins the ranks of Arcelor Mittal, Volkswagen , Etihad who have raised money through a Schuldschein , an alternative way of raising money ?

Ans. Reliance Industries Limited

Q 11. ‘Airlines with buyers’ remorse may use Boeing 737 MAX ban to revise orders’.says a Reuters headline . What is buyers’ remorse in consumer behaviour ?

Ans. A regret experienced by buyers once they give a buying commitment to seller. It stems from a feeling that they must have missed out the best deal.

Q 12. There is a hostile takeover battle on in Mindtree between the promoters and L & T over the 20 % stake of V G Siddhartha who has decided to sell it. By announcing a buyback offer , the promoters want to defend using a ‘poison pill’. What is poison pill and explain wrt Mindtree ?

Ans. Poison Pill Strategy is to deter potential acquirers, by raising the cost of acquisition, from acquisition. In case of Mindtree, the Co. is planning a buyback so that any potential acquiring Co. like L&T will have to raise the price to acquire V. G. Siddhartha’s shares.

Q 13. Fabelle has launched a limited edition chocolates ‘Thandai Milk Chocolate Ganache with Almonds’ on the occasion of Holi. Which co is behind Fabelle chocolates ?


Ans. ITC Limited

Q 14. Which P2P lending start up has started a branch in Madhubani Bihar ? They lend 25,000 to 30,000 Rs for 6-12 months at interest rates of approx 24% p.a as against moneylenders who charge 4% p.m or 48 % p.a

Ans. Paisadukan.com

Q 15. There are 3 Indians for the first time in Unilever Leadership Executive team. Out of the following who is NOT currently in the Unilever Leadership Executive Team ?

A. Sanjiv Mehta B. Nitin Paranjpe C. Leena Nair D. Harish Munwani 

Ans. Harish Munwani

Q 16. The public sector e-auction company MSTC Ltd currently having an IPO started life differently. Expand MSTC.

Ans. Metal Scrap Trading Corporation Limited

Q 17. After the Italian Domino’s Pizza, American Dunkin Donuts, under what name has Jubilant Foodworks entered the Chinese restaurant segment ?

Ans. Hong’s Kitchen

Q 18. Identify this PSU. It was the second most profitable PSU in 2004-05. Since 2009-10 , it has been making losses and its accumulated losses have reached Rs 57,000 crores.

Ans. BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited


Q 19. Identify this YouTube star who will be hosting a late night show on NBC


Ans. Lilly Singh also known as Superwoman

Q 20. Who owns the data, insights and consulting firm Kantar ?

Ans. WPP

Q 21. What is the chip in the newly launched iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets by Apple ?

ipad air

Ans. A12 Bionic

Q 22. What service is being launched here ?


Ans. Google STADIA.. A cloud gaming service, can be played on a regular desktop, laptop, phone or tablet at high graphic settings. You only need speed internet and a web browser.

Q 23. In which country , perceiving the need for family , Rent-a-family service has sprung up where actors who play mother, father, wife, daughter, son etc are available for a fee ?

Ans. Japan

Q 24. The Malaysian Govt set up the second automobile company and named it literally “Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited” in Malay language . Under what brandname do they market their cars ?

Ans. Perodua marketed by  Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad (Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited)

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