Weekly Business Quiz # 441


Q 1. After the merger of HUL and GSK Consumer Healthcare what would be the share of GSK in HUL ?

Ans. 5.7 %

Q 2. Who will be taking over as the Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy worldwide ?
Ans. Piyush Pandey
 Q 3. Birla Tyres is going to be demerged out of which Birla Group Co ?
Ans. Kesoram Industries

Q4. Who has Govt appointed as the Chief Economic Adviser in place of Arvind Subramanian ?

Ans. Prof Krishnamurthy Subramaniam
Q5. Where has the 4th international airport in Kerala come up ?
Ans. Kannur
 Q6. Which auto co has launched a new SUV Alturas G4 in India ?
Ans. Mahindra

Q7. Which event in Udaipur helped Mumbai airport to create a new record of handling 1007 flights in a single day ?

Ans. Isha Ambani wedding celebrations at Udaipur

 Q8. Where has INOX launched its first LED screen based on Samsung’s ONYX technology ?

Ans. Mumbai

Q9 . Arundhati Bhattacharya has taken over as the Chairperson of SWIFT India. Expand SWIFT

Ans. Society for Worldwide Interchange of Financial Telecommunications

Q 10. When the newly appointed RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das retired as Secretary from Govt of India in 2017 what parting gift did he receive from the Govt ?

Ans. A Rupee 1 currency note carrying Shaktikanta Das’s signature

Q 11. What new product category has Titan entered the Indian market with the brand name TANEIRA ?

Ans. Sarees


Q 12. The original designer of the I Love NY is not happy with the Amazon’s version. Who was the original designer in 1977 ?


Ans. Milton Glaser

Q13. Identify this business executive who was India head of Facebook and has now become a fund manager with SoftBank


Ans. Kirthiga Reddy

Q14. Which country has announced that to emphasize its focus on environment , it is making public transport through train , trams and buses entirely free for all , a first in the world ?

Ans. Luxembourg

Q15. Infiniti is luxury car division of which auto maker ?

Ans. Nissan

Q 16. Samsung has replaced another advertiser as the brand with the biggest advertising spend worldwide. Who has it replaced ?

Ans. Procter and Gamble

Q 17. In financial lingo, what are ‘Munis’ ?

Ans. Municipal Bonds

Q19. This 7 year old is the highest earning You Tube star . Name him and his estimated earnings


Ans. Ryan , Ryan ToysReview is the YouTube channel. 22 Million $

Q20. To which country does this airline belong ?
Ans. Brazil

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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