Weekly Business Quiz # 440


Q 1. In which country have 7 Indian IL&FS employees held as hostage by the local employees for non payment of salaries ?

Ans. Ethiopia

Q 2. What business is the startup EV Motors India in ?

Ans. Network of charging stations

Q 3. Who is behind the newly launched digital entertainment company Dharmatic Entertainment ?

Ans. Karan Johar

Q 4. What does Dabur call its Chyawanprash that is Sugar Free ?


Ans. Dabur Chyawanprakash sugar free

Q 5. SBI Mutual Fund is launching its first Smart Beta Fund. What are Smart Beta Funds ?

Ans. A smart Beta ETF is a type of exchange-traded fund that uses alternative index construction rules instead of the typical cap-weighted index strategy, in a transparent way. It takes into account factors such as size, value and volatility.

Q 6 Which Maruti model that was launched in 2005 has hit sales of 2 Million cars since its launch recently ?

Ans. Maruti Swift

Q 7. Where is India’s largest floating solar energy project of 150 MW being implemented by Solar Energy Corporation of India coming up ?

Ans. Rihand Dam on the UP-MP border

Q8. Revv, the car rental company has come up with a unique offer called OPEN not offered in India before. What is unique about it ?

Ans. New cars, over 25 different models ,  are available on rentals with no down payment and road tax upfront payment

Q9. As air pollution news occupies headlines, consumer durable marketers are pushing air purifiers. Most air purifiers use HEPA filters. Expand HEPA

Ans, High efficiency Particulate Air

Q 10. Which model of Bajaj Auto has Rajiv Bajaj accepted as his  biggest failure ?

Ans. Bajaj Discover 100

Q 11. Which state in India receives the largest amount by way of remittances from abroad ?

Ans. Kerala

Q 12. Why is there a threat of over 1,00,000 ATMs closing down by next year in India ?

Ans. The new safety regulations for ATMs will increase the costs so much that ATMs will become unremunerative



Q 12. In which country chess has become so popular and fashionable that there are chess bars, chess art , chess fashion etc thanks to a world champion ?

Ans. Norway -because of Magnus Carlssen

Q 13. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. It is the official start of the holiday season , then why is it called Black Friday ?

Ans. Black friday in the shopping sense dates from the 1960s and was originally used with reference to congestion created by shoppers; it was later explained as a day when retailers’ accounts went from being ‘in the red’ to ‘in the black’.

Q 14. Name this Chevrolet car model that was launched in 1950s and it peaked in 1960s. It was a big status symbol among filmstars that it was mentioned in a Kishore Kumar song. Now it is being withdrawn by GM

Ans. Chevrolet Impala

Q 15. What is unique about the CEO Beth Ford of Land O’Lakes a Fortune 500 company ?

Ans. First CEO who had openly announced her LGBT status

Q 16. In the US cities, Bird , Scoot, Skip and Lime are becoming a rage in the various cities. What are they ?

Ans. e-scooters on rent

Q17. 5G phones and networks are.expected to be launched commercially worldwide in early 2019. One of its key feature is eMBB. What is eMBB ?

Ans. Enhanced  mobile broadband

Q 18. WPP the advertising group,.has announced the merger of two of its advertising arms worldwide to create an integrated agency . Which two arms are being merged and what would be its new name ?

Ans. Wunderman and JWT will merge to form Wunderman Thomson

Q 19. Which is the biggest online travel agency in China ?

Ans. CTrip

Q 20. Name this US based fast food chain founded by Truett S. Cathy. It runs in his strong Christian beliefs so remains closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. He has instructed that his family can sell it but not take it public.

Ans. Chick Fil- A

Q 21 Force India will no longer be seen in the 2019 F1 season. In what name will that team appear after the change of owners ?

Ans. Racing Point

Q 22. What is the name of the late stage venture capital fund of Alphabet Inc with HQ is San Francisco ?

Ans. CapitalG

Q 23. By announcing that they have launched their last satellite , which communications major has announced the end of Satellite TV as we know it ?

Ans. AT & T ‘s DirectTV division

Q 24. Who is the producer of a small film called ROMA in a few theatres in US, UK , Canada with little publicity ? Yet, it is making news

Ans. Roma has been produced by Netflix which does not release it in theatres. The film has got a theatre release to make it eligible for Oscar

Q 25. In India Sony has Sony Liv OTT streaming service. What is the OTT service from Sony in US called ?

Ans. Playstation Vue

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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